Congratulations Room 10!

Last week and this week our class have received our medals for both the Premiers Be Active and the Reading Challenges.

For a lot of us this was the first year that we participated in the Premiers Be Active Challenge. Please see previous post here for more info. Everyone managed to undertake 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks. Staying active is very important and it was great to see everyone being active not only during the 4 weeks but across the entire year! Some of us received a bronze medal if it was our first year completing the challenge and others received a silver medal. Grange Primary school is going to continue to participate in the Premiers Be Active Challenge in the future so everyone has a chance to complete the challenge next year and receive the next medal!

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Every year at Grange Primary School we participate in the Premiers Reading Challenge. This challenge involves students reading 12 books with 8 of those books being Premiers Reading Challenge books. Most of us completed this challenge by Term 3 which was terrific! For a lot of us this was our 5th year completing this challenge. Grange Primary school accomplished an outstanding achievement this year as we had 100% of students complete the challenge! Considering there is over 700 students in our school that is a massive achievement and something that the school and local community should be very proud of. Due to this achievement we are now 1 of 55 schools in the state that have been chosen to attend the Premiers Reception where the Premier and Minister will attend and recognize and celebrate all the schools that achieved an outstanding result from the challenge. Ms Sweeney and some students from Grange Primary School have been selected to attend this reception on behalf of the school.

Our school held a special Assembly on Wednesday to acknowledge everyone who participated and we all received our medals! Those students who completed the challenge for 5 years received a champion medal whilst others received a gold medal for completing the challenge for 4 years. It was fantastic to see some upper primary students enter into the Hall of Fame and they received a special medal for their achievements. This is something that we can all strive to achieve one day.

Well done Room 10 and Grange Primary. We can now all add our medals to a special place at home and look forward to next years challenges!

What did you enjoy the most about the Premiers Be Active and Reading Challenges and why?

What do you think are the benefits of entering these challenges?

How did you feel when you received your medals and why did you feel this way?

3 thoughts on “Congratulations Room 10!

  1. Congratulations Room 10!! 🙂 It looks like you have all made a great effort in both Be Active and the Reading Challenge. Leila (Mila’s mum)

  2. dear mrs b
    I enjoyed the most about them bof is you get medls

    maybe to make yourself a better posin

    i feel happy

    BY Cooper

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    Well i really enjoyed the premiers be active challenge it was pretty easy for me because I’m pretty much always active but it was still fun because we had a sheet to mark how many minutes you were active for.The reading challenge i enjoyed a lot because it was a little bit challenging because I’m not a great reader but still it was fun reading all random books that i haven’t reader before.

    I felt proud when i got my medals because it took me sort of a long time well the reading challenge did but the challenges were fun. From Kayne

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