Speech marks

During the Daily 3 each group has been working with Mrs Baldwin on using Speech Marks.

Speech marks or quotation marks simply separate the words someone in a sentence actually says from the rest of the sentence. These words are called direct speech.

Lots of us used speech marks when writing our Mayoral Make a Books this year. We soon discovered that there were some rules about using speech marks that we didn’t realise before. The main rules we have looked at are:

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Now we are noticing that in the different novels we read the authors also follow these rules. Using these rules, particularly starting a new line when a new character is speaking, helps the reader to not become confused in which character is speaking at that time.


Below are some questions that you can answer yourself!

Studyladder – Quotation Marks Activity

What did you learn about speech marks that you did not know before?

Why do you think speech marks are important to use?

Can you think of other times where quotation marks are used apart from when someone is speaking?

10 thoughts on “Speech marks

  1. Dear mrs b
    I learned speech mark wen I was in year 2 and 3

    Yes I do speech marks are important

    By cooper🍪🍪🍪🍫🎮

  2. Dear miss Baldwin,

    The thing that I learned about speech marks is when to put a commer and to put a space when someone is talking!🌌

    By jessicag

  3. Dear mrs Baldwin, I learnt that you do a new line when another character is speaking.

    Speak marks are important to use during narratives so that the characters can speak.

    When a loud noise happens maybe. Form kain m

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I learnt about speech marks were each time a different character is speaking you have to have a new line.
    Why I think speech marks are important is because if you don’t have any speech marks, the person that’s reading it, they won’t know if the character’s speaking or not.

    From Jackson

  5. Dear Miss Baldwin,
    The thing i learnt about speech marks was that they go after the punctuation.
    I think speech marks are important because it tells the reader that a person is speaking. For example, ” I told Milly I was going to the shops on Sunday because I needed some food for dinner.”
    From Jasmine

  6. dear ms baldwin the thing that i learned is that you do not just put them at the start and a mother tip that i learned is that is like that they look like a 66 99 and then the way you learn is that the 66 goes first because it is lower than 99 and that is what i learned

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I learnt was that you need to start a new line when a new character is speaking.
    Speech marks are important because otherwise it would be like the is saying there name when they say a sentence.

    From Imogen.

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    Speech marks, you use them when someone is talking. Eg, “it’s a nice day said bob” ans thats how you use them. They are very good to use.

  9. the thing i learnt is to put a speech mark when a person has finished talking in a sentence . it is so important to know speech marks because when you get older you will need to know and when you get to year 6 and 7 .from jess m

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing that I learned about speech marks are that you need to start a new line every time a new character speaks and you always need to end a sentence with a comma ( , ) unless you have already wrote ‘said ……’

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