Games Day 2015

What a big week 3 it has been for Grange Primary School! It has been a big build up to Games Day this year and each day we either practised the different games, the team chant or the health hustle. Everyone was very excited to partcicipate on the day and the entire class demonstrated the school values of respect, identity, diversity, enjoyment and friendship at a high level.

The day started with the health hustle which got the whole school up and moving!!


We then had the championship sprints. Well done to Jake, David, Hannah, Jessica M, Kendra, Piper and Jasmine who participated in this event!


After recess we got together with our Games Day Buddy class (year 5 Reynolds) and patricipated in all the tabloid events. Each event went for 15 minutes. The order of events included:

Team Relays (Water relay and spoke tunnel ball relay)

Japanese Game

Volleyball in Wittunga Hall

70m Sprints

70m hay bale hurdles

Vortex throw

Long Run

Games Station (tug of war and rob the nest)


After lunch we then had the championship baton relay and hay bale events. Well done to Imogen, James, Ryan, Piper, Christian, Kendra, Kayne H, Jackson, Hayden, Jessica M, Jade, Grayson, Mateja, who participated in the baton relay and Imogen, Christian, Kendra, Jessica M, Jackson, Kayne H, Hayden, Jade, Hannah, Mateja, Cooper, Mila, Jake and David who participated in the hay bale events.


It was a fantastic day! Well done to Red who won overall!!


What did you enjoy the most about the day?

What suggestions and ideas could you recommend to make Games Day even bigger and better next year?


7 thoughts on “Games Day 2015

  1. Dear miss Baldwin I enjoyed sports day because you can win ribbons and I really loved doing the team relays because we get points for witch team wins . The thing I think for sports day we should improve is if we get to have a go at all of the events from Jessicam

  2. Dear miss Baldwin,

    The thing I injoyed the most about games day is the Japanese game! Because it was hard! That is the fun thing about it!

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I enjoyed the most on sports day was the Baton Relay because in the Year 4s Baton Relay, the blue team won and I led the blue team to victory!

    From Jackson

  4. DEAR MRS Baldwin,

    I enjoyed sports day because of all the activities like the sprints, tug of war and the champion ship sprints especially because i got a first and second place finish…..

  5. Dear mrs Baldwin, my favourite thing about the day was finding out who won games day because it was exciting and we were all very determined to know.

    Next year they should have a teacher tournament who was the fastest teacher ( not that much silliness). from KainM

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed most about games day was doing the championship hay bail hurdles because I like jumping over them.
    What I suggest we could have next year for games day is pole vault and high jump.

    From Hannah

  7. dear mrs baldwin,
    I enjoyed games day because it was loads of fun and i got a ribbon. i think in the future games day we should have stronger hay bails or real hurdles like in the olympics and pole vault and high jump.
    From Jade

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