100 Word Challenge

Last term our class began participating in the  the 100 Word Challenge. If your wondering what this challenge is and what it involves then keep reading!

Every year the blogging community run a competition called the 100 Word Challenge which is open for students under the age of 16. Each week a prompt is given which can be a series of words or a picture and students need to use the prompt to create a writing piece of up to 100 words.


We began the first challenge this week as a class. The writing prompt for this week is

…then, in the middle of the noise…

Mrs Baldwin was so impressed with everyone really getting involved in the challenge and using their imaginations to write a short piece using this prompt. Everyone was so excited and enthusiastic and many wanted to share their writing piece at the end of the lesson.


In computing this week we will type up our writing pieces and place them on our class blog.

This is an activity that we will be doing often during the Daily 3 each morning and as a homework task and if this week is anything to go by, everyone will be excited to participate and use their imaginations.

Mrs Baldwin has added the 100 Word Challenge information, prompts and our class entries on our class blog menu.

Good luck everyone and have fun!!


What do you enjoy the most about the 100 Word challenge?

If you could choose a writing prompt what would it be?

What was your writing piece about this week?

5 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge

  1. Dear mrs b
    I enjoyed most about my 100wc is creating my characters

    If I could choose a writing prompt is …above the clouds is

    My writing pace was about a boy and a girl named jack and Jill

    By Cooper😀😀

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I like doing 100 wc because it is very fun and interesting and good to be learning how to rite and it is a great challenge for me and the class and that is why I love the 100 wc.

    From violet

  3. Dear mrs baldwin, the thing i enjoy about 100 WC is writing it with the limit it is pretty challenging.

    a wolf and a boy. from kain

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    i liked thinking of what to do for the 100 word challenge.
    my 100 word challenge was about this really loud noise that disapered in thin air.

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