The Ghost Eye Tree

It has been a while since we have used paint for an art project so we decided this week was the week to do it! This piece of art work was inspired by a book called The Ghost Eye Tree


Here is the blurb…

One dark and windy autumn night when the sun has long gone down, a young boy and his older sister are sent to the end of town to get a bucket of milk. As they walk down the lonely road, bathed in eerie moonlight, all the boy can think about is the ghost-eye tree.

I dreaded to go…
I dreaded the tree….
Why does Mama always choose me
When the night is so dark
And the mind runs free?

What will happen when they come to the tree? Can they run past it or will it reach out and grab them?

We also discovered afterwards that the book was also made into a movie. Check out the trailer here..

This art work allowed us to practise using different shades of blue by only using blue and white. We began by painting the moon white in the sky. We then added a small amount of blue to the white paint and mixed it together to make a light shade of blue. We then gradually continued to add more blue to the white so that the night sky would get darker and darker.

We have already had so many compliments about our display because they look FANTASTIC!

IMG_8288 IMG_8289 IMG_8290 IMG_8291IMG_8297 IMG_8296


What did you enjoy the most about doing this art project?

What did you find the most challenging?

Would you go into the woods where the ghost tree was?

15 thoughts on “The Ghost Eye Tree

  1. Dear mrs b
    I enjoyed most about my art project was the panting

    I foud most challenging was the tree

    Yes I would go were the ghost eye tree is because it is not scary

    By Cooper

  2. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    My favourite part on my art was painting it because it was fun when you had to start off white and light then a bit darker so that was my favourite part.

    The most challenging bit on my art probably was cutting out my tree because you needed to cut so carefully and it took pretty long to do it.

    I probably would go into where the ghost tree was but only if my dog was stuck there because if I was going there for no reason I would probably just look at the ghost tree. From Kayne

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I found the most challenging thing was the cutting. Because I did detail to mine and that’s why when I cuttered out it was challenging.

    The thing that I enjoyed about this art was that it was fun. And I also enjoyed that we got to see other peoples craft. I also enjoyed it because I love panting and it was enjoyable.

    Yes I would go to the ghost eye tree but I really wouldn’t do it with out my friends. I think when I saw it I would run away but it would be adventures and exiting.

  4. Dear Mrs Ballwin, the most challenging thing I found was making the tree. It was hard because you need to get the right shape and you need to draw it. I mostly enjoyed the painting because I like to paint and I like to way I panted it.

    From Mateja

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I liked doing the ghost-eye tree but my first drawing of the tree was to hard to cut out so I tried again and I stuffed up and again and again and THEN I got it. It wasn’t the best but I did get it done. This was fun activitie.

    From Jude

  6. Dear Miss Baldwin
    I thought the art was fun.
    I thought the tree was hard to draw and cut out.
    From Elyssa πŸ˜„πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  7. Dear miss Baldwin I enjoyed doing the ghost eye tree art work . The most challenging thing to do was draw the tree .my favourite part was when we did the paint and I enjoy art and my mum is going to get me in to art class .from. Jessm πŸŒΈπŸ˜ƒπŸŒΈπŸŒ΄πŸŒ²

  8. Dear miss Baldwin,

    The thing that i in joyed the most about are art project is that we used paint and that we did light then dark paint. That was fun! I like art!

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    What I enjoyed most about creating the ghost eyed tree was painting the tree because I am not so good at cutting because the paper was very thick and painting is easier to do.

    The most challenging thing was getting the paper stuck on in the right place or it wouldn’t look that good and min turned out very well.

    I wouldn’t mind going past the Ghost Eyed Tree it’s just fake but it would be cool to look at.If the Ghost Eyed Tree was real I would just sprint past it while walking past it.

    From Grayson.

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    what I enjoyed the most about this art project was the painting because it was quite a while since we have done an art project.
    What I found most challenging was actually cutting the tree out of cardboard!

    From Jackson

  11. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    i enjoyed the painting and cutting out the tree.
    also i found getting the right colour to paint with.

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I enjoyed most about doing the art work wold have been panting it.

    The thing I found most challenging wold have been cutting out the tree.

    No I would not go in to the woods with the ghost tree!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dear mrsBaldwin,
    The thing that i enjoyed most about the ghost eye tree was painting the background the thing drawing the tree.

    from Zoe

  14. Dear mrs Baldwin, I enjoyed painting the background of the a3 piece of paper.

    The most challenging thing was getting the colour to turn darker.

    I would go into the woods to see the tree, it would be cool! From kain

  15. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    What I enjoyed the most about the artwork of the ghost eye tree was starting with white and then doing a little bit darker blue then darker and darker and more darker and I loved the challenge of cutting the tree out.

    From Piper

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