This term our class have been introduced to an exciting website called


Storybird is a visual storytelling community, a global hub of readers, writers, and artists of all ages. It involves us being able to write a picture book, poem or chapter book but the catch is that we are given the illustrations first and then need to create a story using these pictures. There are literally hundreds of choices of illustrations to meet all our interests.

What’s great about this website is that we can share our stories with each other and write comments reflecting on the story that we have read. We can also read other children’s books that they have published online and it is very interesting to see how other people have used the images to create an  imaginative story.

Check out our stories below.

As it was our first time, writing a story with using pictures first, it was a challenge to a lot of us because sometimes we could not always write the story how we wanted to as there was no picture to match it. However this really helped us expand our imagination further and use a variety of vocabulary to design a story that was entertaining for people to read.

What did you enjoy the most about Storybird and why?

What did you find the most challenging about writing a story using Storybird?

Which story did you enjoy reading and why?

7 thoughts on “Storybird

  1. Hello Mrs Baldwin’s class,
    I’ve noticed you writing your stories these past weeks and was very interested when Mrs Baldwin told me about this exciting program. I went on to add my kids to this program and would love some of you to show us how to use the program next term. We have a very busy week next week, but I hope I can find some time to share some of your books with my class. You should be very proud of your efforts.
    Was it hard to use and do you think my year threes would be able to use this program too?

  2. Hello Mrs Baldwin’s class, I left a comment ages ago but it must have been lost in transit. I wanted to say how impressed I was with your stories. I had seen you compiling them earlier and the program looked interesting. Was it easy to use? I have put my class on it too and I was wondering if some of you could teach my kids how to use it. That won’t be until next term as we have no more time left this term. Congratulations on your efforts, you must be proud.
    Well done Ellen

    1. Dear mrs Ellen
      The program was easy to use you just choose pictures (theres a huge range) and write a few sentences for each page and voila. I hpe to see you to teach you soon
      From David

  3. Dear mrs b
    I enjoyed most about story bird is reading people’s books

    I found most hard was thinking what it’s is about

    By Cooper

  4. Dear mrs baldwin, I enjoyed storybird because it was really fun and once you had a story for your images you just had to type it.

    The most challenging think about storybird was having to pick the picture first before writing it

    I enjoyed reading my own books as it reminds me of having all the fun. from Kain M

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing i enjoyed most of all was creating the storying and reading other peoples stories.
    The most challenging part was writing a story to match the picture.
    From Jasmine

  6. Dear Miss Baldwin
    what I liked most about story bird was it was fun.
    What I found most challenge was finding the pictures.

    From Elyssa

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