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Room 10 have enjoyed using our class blog as a way to communicate with others with what we have been learning in year 4. We are now very excited to see that other classes at Grange Primary School have caught the ‘blogging bug’ and now have their own class blogs up and running!

We would like to introduce and welcome Ms Ellen’s Class and Miss Medhurt’s Class to the wonderful world of blogging!

Here are the links so you can check them out!!



Over the last couple of weeks our class has been visiting both of these blogs and finding out all the wonderful things the Year 3’s have been learning in their classrooms. We have also been commenting on some of their posts and asking questions about what they are learning. Having more classes at Grange Primary School blogging, allows another way that we can share ideas and develop relationships and discussions with our peers. We will continue to check in on both of these class blogs throughout the year and watch how the number of visitors to their pages grows.

Blogging has many terrific benefits and one of the main benefits is learning about cyber safety. As technology continues to grow and more and more people can access the internet and participate in online activity, it is very important to stay safe and to be aware of bullying online.

Cyber bullying

Cyberbullying is a term used to describe bullying that is carried out through internet or mobile device technologies.

Examples of cyber bullying can include…

  • repeated hang up calls
  • sending insulting or threatening text messages
  • publishing someone’s personal or embarrassing information online
  • creating hate sites or starting social exclusion campaigns on social networking sites.

Some tips on how to stop cyber bullying include…

  • Telling your parents, teacher or other trusted adult – don’t stay silent and hope it will go away – it won’t
  • Blocking and deleting the bully from all contact lists
  •  Not responding to nasty emails, chats, SMS or comments – this is what the bully wants so ignore them. (They will need your help to do this)
  • Having some ‘down time’ without computer or mobile. Give yourself some time away from technology just for a break
  • If the bullying continues – delete your current email, msn, hotmail etc and start a new account. Only give your new details to a small list of trusted friends.
  •  If the bullying continues get mum or dad to report the bullying to the Police. Each state has laws that prohibit online bullying and stalking. You don’t have to put up with it.

On the ‘how to blog’ menu of our blog is all the information on how to keep safe whilst on the internet. Click on the pictures and check out these games for more learning and information.

cyber wenanaut

 What do you like the most about the other class blogs and why?

What do you know about cyber bullying and cyber safety?

What advice could you give a friend if they were being cyber bullied?

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