Swimming Lessons

During Week 2 all Year 4 classes participated in swimming lessons at the Adelaide Aquatic Swimming Centre. Swimming is part of the curriculum and is another way we can be active whilst learning about water safety. The skills we developed were:

  • Water confidence
  • Survival in the water
  • Swimming technique
  • Rescue of others
  • Water safety
  • Endurance and fitness

We were placed in small groups that matched our swimming ability and for an hour and a half each day we worked with our instructors to develop our swimming skills and knowledge.


On Friday we were able to participate in some fun games with the highlight being  the water slides and dancing to the famous YMCA song. This was a great way to finish a big week in the pool!

Below is a video about swimming safely in the pool and ocean.

We have also had the discussion in class about making swimming compulsory in all schools and some students in the class even had this for a persuasion topic last term. Here is a BTN video that discusses the possibility of making this happen.

There is also a website called Swim and Survive that has some wonderful information about water safety along with some interactive games and activities that relate to swimming safely in pools and the ocean. You can check it all out HERE . You can find the games section under the Kids Zone menu!


What was one skill you learnt during swimming lessons this week?

What did you enjoy most about the lessons?

Why do you think learning about water safety is important for both adults and children?

14 thoughts on “Swimming Lessons

  1. Dear mrs b,
    I think it is important to lean to swim because if you are at the beach and ther is a crunt you can get cortin the crunt and get tacking way.
    The thing I enjoy the most was it is a fun thing to do.

  2. Dear mrs b
    I learnt the butterfly it was hard
    I fink that swimming is in Bortant because you cod get in a flod

    By Cooper 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I think swimming is important because if you never new how to swim.You can’t go to them cool places like pools and beaches.And when I knew how to swim I could go to beaches and pools. And what’s also good is learning CPR if someone’s drowning in the pool or at beaches luckerly we have lifeguards. From Jake

  4. Dear miss baldwin swimming was the best😊😀😃😄😍 ever invented it was so much fun

    From merlin

  5. Dear Miss Baldwin
    What I learnt was Brest stroke.
    Doing all the fun activities .
    From Elyssa😃😀😄

  6. Dear miss Baldwin,
    I think we should learn swimming because if you need some help then you know what to do.The thing that I leart in swimming is that you can go very fast in flippers.

    From jessicag

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin, I think that water safety is important to know for adults and children because they’re is more water than land on earth and it will always be there so it would be good to know how to be safe around water. From kain

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    One of the skills I learnt was survival backstroke but I was really bad at it.
    The most favourite part about the swimming lessons was when we went on the water slides.It was really fun😃😀😄.

    From Jackson.

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I learned dolphin kick with flippers it was really fun😀😃😄😉.
    I enjoyed my swimming lessons because we got to do different kicks in the deep pool , jumps trying to make a raft with some noodles and a life jacket.

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I learnt how to do side stroke. At first it was hard but I picked it up in the end. What I enenjoyed most about swimming was going on the water slides, warm pool and learning new strokes. I think swimming is important for adults and children because if they get catgut in a rip, fall out of a boat or get washed out to sea they’ll know what To do. From Hannah 😃

  11. Dear mrs baldwin,
    I enjoyed swimming because it’s loads of fun and I also got to learn more strokes that I haven’t learnt before. I loved the water slides and the warm pool. Swimming is important so if you get in trouble you now how to be safe and not drown.
    From jade😅😅😅🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊🏊

  12. Dear ,
    Mrs baldwin I enjoyed doing the swimming with the life jacket.
    Also going on the water slides the right water slide was the best.
    The Luther thing was the swimming with our cloths on it was really heavy.

    From Zoe 🙂

  13. Dear Mrs baldwin,

    One skill I lernt in swimming is a jump but I for got what it is called enyway you have your hands out like when you balance and bent you elbows in and fall but when you touch the water you push your arms in. You do this jump when a baby is drowning and you don’t whant to keep you’re eyes of them.

    The thing I enjoyed most about swimming would be the water slides.

  14. Dear mrs Baldwin

    At swimming last week the thing I learnt was side stroke but it was not to hard

    The thing that I enjoyed most about swimming was going in the deep pool and going on the water slide

    I think water safety is good for adults and children because incase you get stuck in the ocean so you can get to the beach.

    From Mackenzie😄

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