Great Sea Journeys

This Term Ms Sweeney has been teaching our class about Great Sea Journeys.

So far we have looked at two important explorers called Vasco Da Gama and Christopher Columbus.

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus
Vasco Da Gama
Vasco Da Gama

We began by creating some questions that we wanted to research about these two explorers. Everyone created 7  questions and then half of our class researched Columbus and the other half research Da Gama. We were able to use iPads to help with our research plus some information that Ms Sweeny provided us. This was a great task as we were able to develop our research skills by firstly locating suitable information and then scanning the information to find information that cold answer our questions. We also had to write down a bibliography so we could acknowledge where we gathered the research from.

We discovered that Vasco da Gama was the first person to sail directly from Europe to India. He had 2 voyages and a lot of his crew members died of diseases.



We discovered that Christopher Columbus was born in Italy and he made 4 voyages in total. In his first voyage they went to the Bahamas and he and his crew thought it was India. It was here they found gold.

We also had to compare the two explorers and write down our opinions of each one and how we think they changed the world as we know it today. We thought that explorers had many differences however they both changed the world as the began trading of goods such as gold, tobacco and many different foods.

To finish the learning of these two explorers we were able to make pancakes using cinnamon which was one of the main spices that was traded all these years ago.

IMG_6234 IMG_6235 IMG_6237 IMG_6238 IMG_6240 IMG_6241 IMG_6242


Can you think of one fact you learnt about one of these explorers?

How do you think these explorers changed the world?

Was there any negatives to these two explorers trading and travelling around the world?

7 thoughts on “Great Sea Journeys

  1. Dear miss baldwin I loved those pancakes they were delishis thanx for making that idea

    From merlin

  2. Dear mrs baldwin,
    I learnt that Vasco de gama made it to India first but Christopher Columbus thought he made it but he didn’t he made it to the Carabian and Christopher Columbus was still more famous than vasco de gama because chrisopher Columbus discovered USA or something and they started making books about him and movies but vasco de gama made it to India but he made enemies. ⛵️ From Kayne 😉

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin I learned that Colunbus didn’t make it first to India but he went to wresten India.
    Vasco da ga Ma made it to India first and he made it over the good hope .
    They were both bad in a way,Columbus kept people as a slave and vasco killed a lot of people and set a boat on fire that had 200 people on it.Columbus was good in a way he donated gold and good things vasco donated good things to.

  4. Dear mrs Baldwin
    One thing I learnt about Vasco da Gama was he was not beaten to India by Cristopher Columbus and that Christophor Columbus discovered the West Indies.
    I think these explorers changed the world by trading spices to bring back to Europe and they started trade routes.
    By David

  5. DearMrsBaldwin, one of the facts about my explorer Vasco da gama was he was first to india and he died of malaria.

    MrsBaldwin, Vasco Da Gama changed the world by starting up the trading route to india because of finding india.

    MrsBaldwin, there was a lot of negatives for Vasco Da Gama because he killed a lot of people he killed 380 people by only burning one ship!.from Kain

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I did Vasco da gama so one thing I learned about him was that he got to India first.
    I’m not so sure if there are any negatives about the idea.

    From Jackson

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    ( I was doing Vasco D Gama.)I think Vasco Da Gama changed the world by making a sea route to India and that would be how we get our clothes and accessorys. One fact I learnt about Vasco Da Gama was that he was a Google and bad person. There was quite a few negatives about Vasco Da Gama but one of them was that when he got to India he fourt a lot and tied 360 people on a ship and set the ship on fire. It took the ship 4 days to sink. Men, women and children were on the ship. From Hannah

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