Mothers Day 2015

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mum’s around the world!

The celebration of Mother’s Day began in America in 1908 and was created by a lady named Anna Jarvis. She wanted a day where people could honor their Mother’s, and from there countries like Australia followed in their footsteps.

This year we made our mums a card as well as a poster. On the poster was a picture of us holding a sign saying how much we love our mum’s. Also on the poster we created a word cloud by writing down as many words we could think of about our mum’s. We used the website tagxedo to create these and they were a lot of fun!


IMG_5715 IMG_5714 IMG_5713


What makes your Mum so special?

Did you do anything special for Mothers Day?

15 thoughts on “Mothers Day 2015

  1. Dear miss baldwin
    To make my mum fill so special i do stuff for her on mothers day and other days as well i all ways make her stuff i all ways make her fill special and i tell and show her new stuff and how to do it.
    from jessicag

  2. by mrs b
    my mum is special because she makes me happy she is kind.
    I go for brush and dinner and watched tv.

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    what makes my mum so special is that she is so sweet and beautiful that I think that she makes my day .

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin my mum is so special because she is kindhearted to children but still can be mean when they’re naughty she’s also a great cook. from Kain

  5. Dear ms Baldwin,
    I think my mum is special because she loves her life and work and she didn’t take a epi because I could have died.

    My family do not celebrate Fathers Day but Mothers day because dad doesn’t believe in Fathers Day. We bought mum a bag of sweets because we aren’t that wrapped in Mothers Day.
    From David

  6. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    My mum is special because she looks after me and is always there for me and I love her.
    We went out for dinner to the Links hotel with my mum, dad grandma, grandpa and sister.

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think mums are so special because they help you protect you and love you they always make shore your safe all the time they feed you and make shore you drink.
    On mothers day I went to the hospital to see my nono because he had kidney stones after we went shopping at Big w at Arndale shopping centre we where there for two hours and then met up with my family at my uncles place four a little bit then we went home and watched some movies then went to bed.

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin.

    The thing that makes my mum so special is that she gives me cuddles.

    On mothers day we always go some ware for lunch and in the morning we give her the cards and presents.

    From Mackenzie.

  9. Dear Miss Baldwin ,
    My mum is special because she is always there when I have problems at school , she is really nice to the kids that she works with .

    For Mothers day I went to my brothers football it was so boring .

    What did you do for Mothers day Miss Baldwin .

    from Jasmine

  10. dear mrs bald win on mothers day my family went to a hotel breakfast and i had some hash browns. and bacon and baked beans. and all mums got a card for a free orange juice. after breakfast we went to the movies to see avenvers and it was great.and went shopping for cloths. and i think that my mum is special because you only get one.

    From Zoe

  11. Dear Miss Baldwin,

    My mum is special because she helps me whit homework makes my lunch and tee and lots more.

    Me and my family whent to the shop to get mum something for mothers day and then dad had to go some where for work he whent on a plane. then every one else whent to naners for tee and had a sleepover.

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    A special thing that I did for Mothers Day, was give my mum a some chocolates because she really likes them. My sister gave my mum a different poster that had a flower on it and she rote out lots of different sentences that makes her very special.

    Something that makes my mum very special is that she protects me, she cares for me, she looks after me, so my mum is very important and special, and if she wasn’t here, then I wouldn’t of been born.

    From Hayden

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    My mum is very special because she is the one who does so much for me like looking after me and their are alot of other things.For Mother’s Day we went out for tea after my soccer game and before that my dad and my nanny and I went to my nannys mums grave. From Kayne 😆

  14. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    One thing why my mum is so special is because she brings me to my footy games on saturdays.

    From Jackson

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