Chess Tournament 2015

We have been very lucky last term to have had the opportunity for Allan to visit our room and teach us about playing chess! This is something Grange school values highly and many students in all different year levels including from our class attend chess sessions with Allan at school on a regular basis.

The origins of chess are not exactly clear, though most believe it evolved from earlier chess-like games played in India almost two thousand years ago. The game of chess we know today has been around for more than 500 years!

The Goal of chess

You and your opponent are each in charge of an army. Your goal is to catch the other army’s king (before they catch yours)! When you have him attacked and they can no longer escape, it’s called “checkmate,” and you win!

You each start with a trusty army of 16: the King, Queen, two Rooks, two Bishops, two Knights, and eight Pawns.

Earlier in the year Allan visited us for 3 lessons to show us some techniques and strategies of playing chess. He would begin by demonstrating to the class some of these strategies and then everyone would have an opportunity to practise with a partner.

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Finally during week 11 all the year 4 classes got together to have a massive chess tournament. Allan had set up a large chess draw where we all had an opportunity to play several rounds of chess against our peers. Allan recorded who won each game and we eventually had some winners in the group.

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Here is a video that explains the rules about chess


Make sure you check out Chesskid website. It has some fantastic advice and videos on different strategies for beginners as well as advanced players!

What do you enjoy most about playing chess?

Do you play chess at home or with your friends?

Can you explain one rule or strategy that Allan has taught you over the past few years?

16 thoughts on “Chess Tournament 2015

  1. dear Mrs Baldwin

    1. What do you enjoy most about playing chess: Chess is a brilliant mind game and in the tournament didn’t lose even tho it’s for fun.

    2.Do you play chess at home or with your friends: not really

  2. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    what i enjoy the most about chess is that its very challenging and fun at the same time.I play chess sometimes at home and i ether play it with my dad or my brother Connor but I’ve only won once out of my dad.

    from Piper

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    The thing I enjoy the most about chess is that you have to think about every thing you do and how you could check mate.

    I play chess at home with my dad every few weeks or with my cousins.

    The thing Allan has tought me over the years is how to do the four move check mate and how to block it.

    From Mackenzie.

  4. Dear Miss Baldwin,

    The thing I enjoy most about chess is the fun.

    one of the strategy Allan has fought the class is the four move cheek mate.

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing that I enjoy about chess the most is attacking my opponent’s king and their queen because if I attack their queen, they will lose their most powerful piece and have a disadvantage from then on, UNLESS they get a poan to the other end and trade it in for a mother queen. I like attacking their king because if I am successful, I will win the game.
    At home, if I get the chance to play then I will play them. I play chess for fun unless I am in a tournament I get a bit more serious.

    From Hayden

    1. Dear Hayden,
      I also like attacking my opponent’s king too.
      When I get into a tournament,I get serious too!

      From Jackson

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin me and my brother keep asking my dad to get chess and we got it. We played it once only because it stays at my nannys place and when i asm my brother to play he dosent want to play so i play with my mum or dad.

    I mostly enjoy about chess its fun and you haft to think and be smart where you move the pieces.

    From Mateja 🙂

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing that i most enjoy about playing chess is that its all about strategy and that it has a lot of cheeky moves like the 4 move checkmate.
    I only play chess with my friends because my parents don’t know how to play chess but i don’t play chess with my friends at home because i do not have it so i either play it at their house or at OSCH.

  8. dear mrs baldwin,

    the best thing about chess was when bet my first person which was pretty exciting but the bad thing was that I only got to play to matches because I was a bye on the first won. I hope we can do it again this year.

    from Jude

  9. dear mrs b
    i like playing chess because it is fun and easy.
    i like playing with anther people you do not no whet move they are going to do.
    allan has tort me a lot but i can name you 1 wen the kine is caposd they win but only 3 was to get at of chek move out the way 2 cet a nother pice to protek the kin 3 cat the attacking pice.

    by cooper:) 🙂

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I like chess because it’s fun and strategick.
    I don’t really play chess at home at all.
    I like the 4 move checkmate because it only takes 4 moves to take your Queen

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin the thing i enjoy the most about chess is the part how you need to have the brains and need to practice a lot to win against hard opponents.

    Mrs B I don’t play very often but on my Grandma’s birthday I won against my mom because she didn’t know how to play the new way.

    Mrs B Allan has fought us 2 skills this year he has taught us the 4 move checkmate and the castle move

  12. Dear Mrs B,
    I enjoy playing chess because it is really strategic and fun i enjoy trying to take the enemy king out by check matting it
    I might play chess once 6 or 7 times a year but i still know how to play people say i am good at it but i say I’m not to good. And yes i do play with my family i play mostly play with my dad because he played when he was a kid and i don’t vs my mum because she dosen’t know eneything about chess and i always win against my dad with the four move check mate .

    From Christian

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