Plant Lifecycle Presentations

At the end of our Science topic called ‘Plant Life cycles’ our class had to create a PowerPoint presentation about the different stages of a plant. This was quite a challenge as we needed to remember all the information that we learnt throughout the term and choose the important facts to include in each slide. It is very interesting to read and view everyone’s presentations and the facts that people decided to include on each slide. Mrs. Baldwin was very impressed with every student using at least two scientific words that we learnt during the science lessons.

We needed to include the following slides:

  • Title Page
  • Germination
  • Growing
  • Pollination
  • Fruit

We also learnt and practiced how to create a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. This is a very important skill to have as it is these skills we will use a lot more during our school and adult life. The skills we learnt and practiced in creating our PowerPoint presentation’s were

  • Creating themes and backgrounds
  • Changing the fonts and sizes of the writing
  • Importing pictures from Google images on the slides
  • Choosing the transitions, sounds and animations of the fonts for each slide
  • Making sure the layout is readable and well presented for the audience to view
  • Using spell check as an editing tool


We were all very excited to have our slides displayed on our class blog. Please sit back and enjoy our presentations below.


What did you enjoy the most about using PowerPoint?

What skill did you learn about using the Powerpoint program?

When so you think you or an adult could use the Powerpoint program in everyday life?

10 thoughts on “Plant Lifecycle Presentations

  1. hi ms baldwin i think i did not have a favritoie part it was all fun and

    i found out that you can have a backround

  2. dear mrs b
    i aigod most about power point is it is creative and fun.

    that is hard qustyon but the answer is if you are a binesmen.

    by cooper 🙂

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin ,I mostly enjoyed the plant life cycle and i like the power point it is creative and you and make anything and write about it.

    I learnd that you can change your background and the colour can change on the writing .
    Fron Mateja 🙂

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing i enjoyed the most about my powerpoint was when i got to put pictures off safari onto my powerpoint.You could use powerpoint after school and after work and you could use it at a job but not every job. From Kayne



  6. Dear miss bladwin
    i injoy the power point because it was fun making it and it was fun learning adout flowers and plants because i love gardining from jessica g

  7. Dear miss baldwin ‘
    i enjoyed the power point because it was about learning things and doing step by step .it was fun making the power points . i think other teacher will like my power point . jessica m

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed making the presentations because I like learning about the plant life cycle in science.
    The skill I learnt about using the power point slide was to type better and faster and getting to know how to use it.
    From Jade.

  9. Dear ms Baldwin
    I enjoyed all parts of the powerpoint but my favourite part was finding an image of fruit because I love fruit and it made my mouth water with sheer proximity.

    I learnt how to paste pictures quicker and now my powerpoints will be done more quickly and they will be better.

  10. Dear Miss B

    I learnt how to do sound effects and learnt how to make words move i enjoyed learning about all that stuff.
    I think we could use powerpoint for things like business meetings and take work like aromatherapy oils list putting them next to there real names like lavandula angustufolia is lavender.

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