Real Life Maths

Throughout this term our class has been focusing on Number in Maths. We have now just finished the topic addition and beginning to learn about subtraction.


Addition is bringing two or more numbers (or objects) together to make a total. Other names for Addition are Sum, Plus, Increase, Total

To add larger numbers together we have used column addition. You can watch the video from Maths is Fun website below that explains this strategy.

You can practice some addition sums by clicking here


Subtraction is taking one number away from another. Other names used in subtraction are Minus, Less, Difference, Decrease, Take Away, Deduct.

To subtract numbers with more than one digit we practised subtraction with regrouping. Subtraction can be a little more complicated than addition. Here is a video to help explain



You can practice some subtraction problems here

Now that we have practiced the skills we are now beginning to use them to solve real life problems.

Addition Real Life Problem

Our class was given a map of Australia with the flight distances to many cities around Australia. We had to use these distances to calculate what the total distance would be to fly to some of these cities around Australia. This was an interesting lesson because not only did we practise the skill of addition but we learnt how far away in kilometers some place are around our country. We began by adding just two distances together because the flight was quit short. We then were given some extra challenging questions where we had to fly longer distances which included some ‘stop overs’ to other places to get to our final destination. Some flights had two or more choices of the pathway to get to our final destination, so we had to choose which flight would be the shortest and calculate the answer. Here is the map below that we used and some of our working out!

Subtraction Real Life Problem

This week we had to bring in a ‘Used Car Guide’ from a newspaper and cut out some advertisements. We had to then paste 2 advertisements in our books and compare by recording the subtractions and writing to show the cost differences. This is something that adults can do in real life when trying to buy a car by comparing the prices to find out which one is cheaper or the better deal.

Here are our answers

 IMG_5583 IMG_5581 IMG_5584


We have enjoyed using our addition and subtraction skills in everyday life situations. This really shows how important it is to have these skills to help us calculate many problems similar to these.


What did you enjoy the most about these tasks?

What skill do you feel you would like to practice more or have more challenges in?

Can you think of a problem in everyday life where you would need your addition or subtraction skills?

7 thoughts on “Real Life Maths

  1. Dear mrs Baldwin

    What I enjoyed the most was the long sums.

    Long and hard sums to get challenging and to make better education

    You would need to add and subtract with pencils

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    The thing I enjoyed about this task was adding up the car numbers and seeing what the number diferents.

    The thing I would like to have have more challenges in division.

    If you needed to see how much cheaper a car is from another car.

    I think we should do more maths.

    From Mackenzie!$$!

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,what i enjoyed the most about this task was that we were using cars and i like the types of cars there were on the sheet i would like to use bigger numbers and i think i could work on lining them up correctly.

    from Piper

  4. dear mrs baldwin I think that if you need to get some where like on a train and you are late you might have to count the mins to see if you will be really late or early? I really liked how we get to do addition

    thank you for letting us do addition
    from zoe

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed the doing the subtraction because you need to cross out numbers, borrowing and using very high numbers to subtract and just having fun with numbers. Because maths is my favourite subject, I enjoy maths what ever we are doing.
    I think that I need more of a challenge in my addition and my subtraction because I find addition more easy so I need more of a challenge on that. I think that I need more of a challenge on subtraction because I still find it easy and I need more of a challenge on that or I learn other stuff like long division and stuff like that, so I think that I need more of a challenge on everything.

    From Hayden

  6. der mrs b,
    what l like the most it is so easy and l like cars too.

    I think I would like addition to be a lot harder

    from finnigan 🙂

  7. Dear Mrs Balbwin, The thing I mostly enjoyed was solving problems and the maths.🅰Lso I enjoyed how Mrs B gave us cars and car prices on paper so if you don’t have any you can get some. 😎

    Q2 I think I would practise more on solving the problem because sometimes I can’t di it. the End 😎🚓
    From Mateja

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