4 thoughts on “Friday Quick Quote #23

  1. Dear ms Baldwin I think the quote means if you make everyone else happy but you it will not be fun so say if you are playing a game that you do not like but everyone does it is ok to play but if you play everyday it is
    Not going to. E fun so maybe just play a different game for a change make sore you make you self happy from James

  2. To mrs Baldwin,I think the quote is about like you don’t want to do something but someone else does and you want to make them happy but since you don’t want to you wouldn’t be having fun so you wouldn’t be happy.

    From Kayne

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think the quote means you do things that make everyone else happy but you might not want to do it so you make yourself unhappy but you make other people happy.
    From Hannah!

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