It’s a Plants Life!

Our Science topic this term is called Plants in Action.

Several weeks ago everyone placed two seeds in a plastic bag with a damp cloth. The plastic bags were then hung against the window so they could receive sunlight.

This task helped us see what the first stage of plant growth is which is called germination. We have learnt that in order for germination to occur a seed must have water, sunlight, oxygen and the right temperature.  Every few days we have been recording our seeds growth.

We now know that the plant seed contains a dormant plant embryo. When the seed soaks up water, the seed coat loosens and the embryo is activated by the moisture. If there is enough warmth and air it will start to grow. Some students have been more successful than others with their seeds, however it has been really fascinating watching them grow daily.

IMG_5515 IMG_5516 IMG_5542

By watching the seeds grow we can see that the first root which is called the radicle pushes out from the seed first. This is then followed by the first shoot which is called the plumule.

We watched this video in class which helped explain the stages of plant growth.


This term we are also learning about the reading strategy called ‘activating prior knowledge’.  This involves us using the knowledge we already know about a subject when reading a text to help us make sense of what we a reading. It also helps us to connect what we already know and to build further knowledge for the future. We used our prior knowledge about plants to complete a ‘before and after web’ in partners. In our partners we had to write up to 4 facts that we already knew about plants. We were then given books and ipads to find some more facts to build upon our knowledge.

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What is one thing you learnt about germination?

What have you enjoyed the most about the science topic this term and why?

Have you ever tried to grow your own seeds before? Were you successful?

14 thoughts on “It’s a Plants Life!

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin my mum and I planted parsley and it worked it was really good and every time I went past it I would pick some off. I have enjoyed our science topic because I love seeing seeds grow mine growed really tall.

    From Piper

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I liked learning about the roots in germination.
    The thing I enjoyed about this science topic was planting and growing the seeds.
    Yes I have planted seeds before and they were successful.

    I liked growing the seeds.

    From Mackenzie

  3. Dear Miss Baldwin,

    The one thing I leart about germination would have to be that germination is only the first part of the plant lifecycle.

    the thing that I have in joyed most about the since topic this term is planted are seed because I liked seeing how some seed grow and others don’t.

    from Kendra

  4. Dear Mrs B,
    Some things that I learnt about germination is that it is the start of the “plant life cycle”. Thies are the stages of what happens in germination: First of all, the shell falls of to show the embryo (inside of the seed) and then the radicle (root) comes out. When the root has come out, the plumule (stem or shoot) comes out, and that are the stages of germination!

    Once I tried to plant a seed when I was in year 3. I fergot what type of seed it was but what I can remember is that it it was a food. We learnt a lot about seeds but I learnt even more about seeds this year. When I planted the seed it did not turn out well but I did have fun having a try!😀

    From Hayden

  5. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    What I learnt about germination is all the scientific words and the scientific and convert them into the shorter words.

    I enjoyed the most about is it was’t all about germination we also did a bit of writing.

    I have never tried before at home so i have nothing to say

  6. To Mrs Baldwin,

    The thing I most enjoyed about the science topic was we got to see are seed grow into a plant but instead mine just died so I chucked it away.

    And I did try and make my own tree I tried to make a apple tree I forgot to water it and it was in the shade so it got no sunlight so it didn’t grow. From Kayne

  7. dear mrs b
    One thing i learnt about germination that seeds need sunlight,water,soli and tempter and there are very fasi.

    yes all of my plants have bean successful.

    By Cooper

  8. Dear miss baldwin I was looking fawerd to my plant but It died 💀😭😲I have no idea y my plant died do you. From merlin

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin, Q1 I didn’t plant some but my grandma did she planted some melon seeds
    but my grandpa planted some thing else there so the mellon didn’t grow.

    Q2 I enjoyed how we planted the seeds because my seed was big andI like the since we learnt
    about. The End 🙁 🙂

  10. Dear miss Baldwin I have learnt a lot about germination .I loved planting them and i liked when we had to mesure them I got a vegetable garden and we have planted heaps .

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    One thing I learned about Germination is that the Radical is the first root.
    The thing I liked about science this year is having plants to grow with.
    I have tried to plant a plant before and I didn’t succeed😞😔, but still,it was fun😄😃

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed most about the science topic because I love plants and learning about them because it really interests me. I think I have planted a seed before but my dog always rips them up.
    From Hannah!

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I liked growing the seed and watching it grow.
    I have grow a flower and it failed.
    From Elyssa😃😊😄

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