3 thoughts on “Quick Quote Friday #21

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin and room 10,
    I think this quote means that if people put you down either at school or at work you may think that it is true but you have the strength inside that you haven’t seen before and it comes out when its needed this can be useful not just with people but with sport and with life.

    I found my inner strength when I decided to stand up to my mum and dad when some thing is important to me and I really want it.

    From Anika

    1. Dear Anika,
      Thankyou for your thoughtful comment. It is great to see you are still checking into the blog. You have shown a wonderful understanding of this quote. You should be very proud of yourself to find your inner strength. It takes a lot of courage to find it. Keep up the great effort
      From Mrs Baldwin

  2. Dear Mrs.Baldwin,
    I think the quote means that you don’t realize how much strength that you have.
    From Katie

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