6 thoughts on “Quick Quote Friday #20

  1. To Mrs Bakdwin i think the quote is about someone is good at something just their to nervous to do it or they just don’t know their good at something or maybe they think their not good so they don’t bother trying not very sure but that’s what I think From Kayne

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin I think it means everyone has a special talent and if you don’t get out there you’ll never find you’re special talent from kain

  3. Dear miss Baldwin ,

    I think it means like every body has a gift to be good at something or a have a personality .

    I think I have a gift of being funny.

    From Kendra

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think the quote means that everyone has a talent but some people don’t know they have it because they don’t use it.
    From Hannah

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