What are conjunctions?

During the Daily 3 Mrs Baldwin has been practising with each group on how to use conjunctions in sentences.

What is a conjunction?

A conjunction is a ‘joining word’ that joins 2 simple sentences together to make one long sentence. Examples of conjunctions include:

because                          but                               and

so                                  therefore                      although

while                              or                                yet

also                                as                                while


In our groups we had been given some sentence strips. Our task was to match the correct sentence strips together to make one longer sentence using a conjunction to join it together. Everybody  worked well on this task and helped each other, as it has been a challenge to find sentences that match and make sense.

From now on when we write sentences for our spelling words each fortnight we will need to begin using some conjunctions to make our sentences longer and more interesting to read.

Below is one group working hard on their conjunctions during the Daily 3.



Why do you think conjunctions are important to use?

Can you write a sentence using one of the conjunctions written above. make sure it makes sense.

Do you know any other words that may be conjunctions? If so what are they?

12 thoughts on “What are conjunctions?

  1. dear miss b
    I think conjuntions are a great way for kids to think a suitable sentence.
    it was a cold day so we had a warm bath.
    From Jade

  2. Dear mrs Baldwin
    I think conjunctions are important because if you want to continue the sentence you can use the conjunctions. You can use conjunctions mostly everywhere. 🙂 🙂
    From Mateja

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I think there Important so you don’t do small sentences.
    I can do them but sometimes I need help.
    From Elyssa.

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I think conjunctions are important because you can join sentences together and se them instead of always using full spots. I use conjunctions to make the sentence go on. Some different conjunctions are: don’t always use therefore and .
    From Christian

  5. To Mrs Baldwin
    well i think they are important because conjunctions make sentences better and bigger so they are important and they do make sense if you put them in the right sentence because if you put the in the wrong sentence it will not make sense
    From Kayne

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think it’s important to use conjunctions because with out them you would not be able to write long sentences

    from Imogen

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwins ,
    I think conjunctions are important to use because in high school you have to write longer sentences and in letters there would be lots of little sentences. I think conjunctions are important
    From Hannah

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin , I think conjunctions are important to use because they join one sentence to another . They also make the sentence more detailed and longer so its a better sentence than one without a conjunction .

    From Jasmine

  9. Conjunctions are important because they join words together. For example I went to the beach BECAUSE it was a sunny day. With conjunctions sentences make a lot more sense.
    From Jude

  10. Dear mrs b
    I think conjunctions is good because they join to santins together to make a bigger sentins so you no more
    I like yousing them.

    by cooper 😄

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