The Daily 3

This week we have finally begun the Daily 3 in the classroom. The Daily 3 involves us working in groups and undertaking different activities for 20 minutes each.

The activities include:

Word Work- completing our spelling contract for the week.

Work on Writing- working in the pods and commenting on a post on our class blog.

Read to Self – finding a comfortable and relaxing place in the room to read silently.


Before we started we discussed why each of these activities are important to us. We then brainstormed the correct behaviours to have while we are doing each task. Here are the ideas we came up with:

 Read to Self

Why do we do this? 

easy to do

learn about topics


enjoyment, relaxation

help you write and spell

Students Will

sit or lay quietly

on task

not disturbing others

eyes on the book



Word Work

 Why do we do this?

practise spelling

improve spelling

help with writing

help us read

for fun

 Students Will

focus on work

work calmly and quietly

follow instructions

not disturb others


Work on Writing

Why do we do this?

to help with spelling

become neat writers

help us hold our pencils

use our imaginations

it is fun

Students Will

Write appropriate ideas

eyes on the computer screen

sit in the chair and work quietly

only go onto the class blog site

try our best

respect the equipment



Mrs Baldwin was very impressed with how everyone worked for the first time during the Daily 3.


Which activity do you enjoy the most in the Daily 3 and why?

Why do you think it is important to practise writing and spelling?

Why do you think it is important to use the correct behaviours when completing each activity in your group? 

17 thoughts on “The Daily 3

  1. Dear miss baldwin i have been looking forward to doing daily 3 because i injoy doing spelling because i want to get smarter and learn more . i think its important to do spelling and writing because you can get more better from jessica m.

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin I enjoy work on writing the blog because you get to type which I’m really good at and you can see what others have wrote.

    I think it is important so that in the future you can sign stuff and so that you can read stuff because if you can’t read you won’t get very far and if you can’t write that bad too

    so you don’t get told off or get a negative on class dojo also because it will disturb other classes while they are working.
    From Kain

    1. I liked the comment that you posted I hope that you will post some more cool comments I hope that you will reply Any way I really hope that the teacher will extpept your post I hope you will keep putting great posts From zoe

  3. Dear Miss Baldwin I enjoy spelling the most because of the fun activities like lscwq I think most of the activities are better then what year 7’s have to do because they don’t do activities all they do is write is the word we do more activities and that is why I like spelling the most.
    From Christian

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin, The activity I like the most in the daily three is word work because we can write comments and reply to other people comments. It’s important to know how write and spell so when you work in a business you will need to know how to read and write. You need to be on the correct behaviour so you get everything done.
    From Hannah

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I think that read to self is the best activity because it is a chance in school hours to read.I recomend the Rangers Apprentice series or I Can Jump Puddles the Rangers Apprentice series is by John Flanigan and I Can Jump puddles is by Alan Marshall

    I think spelling and writing is important because it will help you understand and help you sound out words you don’t know.
    I think that correcting behaviour is good because it will quicken their work and others.
    From David

  6. Dear Mrs baldwin
    I like reading in daily 3 because fun and educational.
    Because you learn and spell and you can youse it for later in life.
    So you do not disturb other people.
    From Mackenzie.

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin, the thing I like most about the Daily 3 is Blogging because it is nice to go on the computer and send a letter to a friend .

    Love From Jasmine

  8. Dear mrs B my favourit group is word work and I enjoy writing on the blog because their photos of me and because it shows us again what we have been doing also I like getting dogo points because we get cool prizes and Ice blocks and get too listen too music From zoe

  9. Dear mrs baldwin

    I enjoy word work because I like spelling. What is important about spelling and writing is that when your typing and you dont know how to spell a word so you have to look it up. If you dont do the right thing you will lose dojo points and if you lose dojo points your parents will see.
    From Connor

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin,I’m starting to like the Daily 3. 1.I like Read to Self because you get free time to read. 2.when doing Word Work,you get to use your time on your Spelling
    From Jackson

  11. dear mrs b
    l think it is important to now how to spell if you don’t know you can’t write a letter.
    From Finnigan

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    what I like about the daily 3 is the reading.
    Spelling and writing is important because it helps you with reading.
    It’s important to you the correct behaviour so you don’t disrupt others and so you finish your work.
    From Imogen

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin i really enjoy daily three because each activitys goes for 20 minutes so we got plenty of time to do each activity and my favourite one is the reading because i really enjoy reading the diary of the wimpy kid books. From Kayne

  14. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I like doing the blog comments because it is fun.
    Other wise you won’t no any thing.
    So you get every think write.😃😃😃
    From Elyssa

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