Getting to know each other in Room 10

During the first couple of weeks of the year we have been spending time developing and building relationships between one another. Although we have no new students to Grange in our class this year, some of us have not been in the same class with other students for a couple of years. Here are some activities we have undertaken over the first 2 weeks of school that have helped us share information about each other.

Room 10’s ‘app’ealing world

As a class we created our own “apps” for ipads that included information about ourselves.

We were given an ipad template and our task was to create 9 ‘apps’ that could help people learn more about ourselves. Some apps were:







We wrote down some interesting facts relating to each app that we created. We then had to create an icon to match each app. Our ipads are dislayed outside the classroom and we have enjoyed looking at each others apps and learning about each other.

IMG_5301 IMG_5302

Living Museum

On Friday of week 1 we held a ‘living museum’ in our classroom. All the students spent the first week deciding on 5-6 items they could bring from home that best represented themselves. Everyone had to create labels which had some information about each item and why they are special to us. We also had to think about how we would display the items on our table space so that everybody could see what we bought in. A special mention must go to Kayne who made his own stands for some of his items, they looked great! On the Friday before lunch, the living museum was open and everyone quietly walked around reading and viewing the displays. Mrs. Baldwin really enjoyed this activity and she learnt a lot about the students in her class. There are so many talented musicians and sports people in room 10 this year!

Figure me out!

Our math’s task for the first week was creating a poster of ourselves using some math’s equations. We were given 9 questions to answer about ourselves such as:

What is your show size?

How many people in your family?

How many pets do you own?

What date were you born on?

What street number do you live at?

We also had to create a question on our own. We needed to answer these questions by writing a math’s equation. We could use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions or any other mathematical symbol that we felt confident in using to solve each question. This was a great way for all students to show what math’s they feel confident in using in a creative manner. It was great to see some students use decimals and even squared numbers! We then had to draw ourselves in the middle of the poster and place flip cards around the picture. People can now read the question on the flip card, solve it and then flip the card over to read the answer. After reading all the answers you can then have a guess who the person is!

IMG_5295 IMG_5296 IMG_5297 IMG_5298

All these activities reflect Grange Primary’s school values in some way.


Students shared some information about themselves which resembles their identity.


We have a very diverse bunch of students in room 10. People from different backgrounds and cultures have come together and formed our own family in the classroom with sharing, listening and learning interesting things about each other.


We have been building friendships and relationships in the classroom by getting to know each other and sharing information in a safe and trusting environment.


We respected each others property during the living museum. We also respect peoples different opinions and interests during sharing time about each other. Everybody is different and enjoys different hobbies, sports and other activities and it is wonderful that we can share these with each other.


We have all enjoyed getting to know each other over the past 2 weeks including Mrs Baldwin!


We look forward to continue to grow and learn about each other over the year and develop new and existing friendships between one another! Well done to Room 10 for being brave and sharing all these wonderful facts about each other!


What activity did you enjoy the most and why?

What was one thing you learnt about someone in the classroom?


23 thoughts on “Getting to know each other in Room 10

  1. dear miss baldwin
    i licket 2 things living museam and the iPads we made my favret was the iPads. because it was really fun to color and dwrower it was sooooooo ausome

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin, I think the best thing is the Living Museum because you get to learn about

    others and you can know what sport they play or what they did.

    I learn that Kain,Cooper,Jude,Ryan play Clash of clans more people.

    1. Dear Mrs Baldwin lots of people do play clash of clans so your right like all the people you said I easily figured out that 22 people don’t play with us and 8 people do
      From Kain

  3. Dear mrs B
    The activity that I enjoyed the most was figure me out activity because I love art and drawing and to figure out other peoples things.I also liked the iPads we made I leant that Jude liked the song INXS I like that song to.

    I never new that Jude was half Poland even though I’m his BFF and I never new that David did not like pizza witch I think is weird.

    From Jake

  4. dear mrs b
    l like the liven musen it is cool ho you get to no whotn people like and whot is there hobes are .
    most pople in the class plays clash of clan and most people in the class are in the clan.

  5. dear mrs b
    i like math it is my fouvit subget i am good at it 🙂

    most poeple in our class play clash of clans and that most poeple are in our clan

    by cooper 🙂

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    the activity I enjoyed most was the iPads because it is gets people to now you better and I also liked doing the figure me out because its doing maths.

    I never new that jake liked INXS and ACDC because I am a big fan and my favourite song from ACDC is back in black and my favourite song from INXS is need you tonight.

    from Jude

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I enjoyed doing figure me out because I like art and I liked the iPads because I liked drawing the
    front covers of the apps on the iPad.

    I never knew that Jade played footy and Jake and Jude liked ACDC because I also like ACDC and my favourite song from ACDC is Thunder Struck.
    From Grayson

  8. Dear mrs baldwin

    I really enjoyed making the ipad bacause i got to draw apps and write things about me and every one is learning about me and i really liked making are soccer goal because people get to see what are learning goal is From Kayne

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin I really like doing the Pablo Picasso art and how he did his paintings. I enjoyed it most because I love art and drawing. I learnt that Piper likes drawing like me.
    From Hannah

    1. Dear Hannah I am glad you like doing pacaso art i do to I like metting you I fill happy for you and piper because you can do the same drawings from Jessica m

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin The thing I liked most was the living museum because you learnt things like what games,hobbies and sports other people have and play.I also learnt that lots of people have won awards for different things like dance,gymnastics and sport like soccer or basketball.

    I learnt that Jude and Jake like the same INXS and ACDC songs.
    From David

  11. Dear mrs B
    I enjoyed chess lessons the best because we get to play game against each other.
    I also have 3 chess boards to play with. I have one chess board that is magnetical and foldable, so it is good for out side and to travel with.
    From Hayden

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin, my favourite activity was the living museum because you got to learn about others E.G I never knew Alise had a cat a cute one.

    I learnt that all my friends have clash of clans which is fun and great
    From Kain

  13. to miss Baldwin…

    I like sport becase it is my fravret subject becase it is really helthy and halps you get fit.

    to miss baldwen…

    I learnt peaples names and wat thay are good at well a bit.
    From Ryan

  14. DEAR Mrs Baldwin
    I liked the living muesem because it was really fun.
    I never new Violet had 55 pets.

    By Elyssa

  15. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I really enjoyed doing the figure me out and the Pablo Picasso picture.
    I learnt Zoe has a brother and a sister
    From Imogen

  16. Dear Miss baldwin,

    I like the living museum because you get to learn new things about outhers and what sort of talent outhers have.

    I that hannah has got lots of medals and has a dog.
    From Kendra

  17. Dear miss Baldwin in the class I in joy doing fitness because it is fun and I like to see my friends play and the class I have made some new friends in the class and my best friend does heaps of dancers with me . In joy being in this class your the best teacher from Jess m

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