The importance of reading

Over the last few weeks we have been discussing the importance of reading and the reasons as to why we read. At Grange we are very lucky to have a large library that is full of a variety of fiction and non fiction books to suit everybody’s ability and interests. Read about all the different activities, resources and programs we are using at school to help us with our reading!

Good Fit Book

As a class we discussed the importance of choosing a ‘good fit’ book. Please watch the powerpoint below that explains what it means to choose and read a ‘good fit’ book.

Mrs Baldwin gave everyone a bookmark to use when reading. On one side the book mark has the ‘I Pick a Good Fit Book.’ This stands for:

  • I Choose a book.
  • Purpose – why do I want to read it?
  • Interest – does it grab my attention?
  • Comprehend – Do I rememebr or understand what I am reading?
  • Know – I know most of the words.

The important thing to remember is to choose a book that suits your interest and that it is at your level. If we don’t do this, we either become bored with the book or it is too difficult to read.

On the other side of the bookmark is the 5 finger test. This can be used as another way to assist us in choosing a book that is appropriate for our reading ability.


Class Library

We are also very lucky to have a large class library in our classroom which has hundreds of books that Mrs Baldwin has collected. We have enjoyed choosing books from this collection and using the ‘check out’ method so that we are respecting the books. Every student has borrowed at least one book from this collection so far this year!


IMG_5292Premiers Reading Challenge 2015

The Premiers Reading Challenge has already begun this year and we have received our forms to beginning adding any books that we read over the year that are part of the premiers reading challenge. This year our Principal Mr. Short has given Grange the challenge of having 100% participation! So far we have 3 students in our class who have already finished the form! For more information about the challenge or to find books that are part of the challenge you can head to the website: Premiers Reading Challenge

Accelerated Reader

Most of us have completed the ‘Star’ test so that we could get an Accelerated Reader Level. This also means that we have a point target that we can try and achieve this term. This target is based on the amount of minutes we read each day and the level we are reading. Most of us are already logging into the website to do some quizzes to gain points. This activity helps us with our comprehension and it is always exciting when we receive a certificate for our efforts. Well done to Jackson who was the first person to receive a certificate this year!

What do you enjoy most about reading?

Why do you think reading is important?

What/who is your favourite book or author and why?

Can you suggest any book titles that we can add to our class library?

27 thoughts on “The importance of reading

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin.

    I enjoy the most about reading is the topics, it makes you go on adventures and I think we have some really good books in our classroom.

    I think reading is important because it helps me spell and learn new words and things like in the dictionary.

    My favourite book is zac power.

    I think we need more Roald Dahl books in our classroom. Because they are really good books.

    From Ryan

  2. Dear Miss Baldwin,

    For year 4, i am mostly looking forward to the our class camp at Illawonga.
    It will be great to get away from my pesky parents!

    My favourite thing about the classroom is the library.

    From Mackenzie.

  3. Dear mrs b I think that may be you could add Tashi series. they are very advecher books and fun to read there 7 books from zoe

    1. Hi Zoe, I like tashi books too. I think we should have the tashi series in the class libary. I do think they are very adventures. From Hannah

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    My favourite author is Andy Griffiths. I like the treehouse book series and the 26 storey treehouse book is my favourite. I like his funny stories and all the pictures throughout the book. The pictures bring his stories to life.

    His stories make me laugh and makes me feel happy.

    I really enjoy reading and I look forward to reading harder books as I get older!!!
    From Jude

    1. Dear Jude
      I love Andy Griffiths to he’s my favourite author expressly tree house stories I’ve got six books of Andy Griffiths I also like his excellent funny stories.Reading is one of my favourite things to do.
      From Jake.

      1. Dear Jude
        I like Andy Griffiths books as well. I have read a 26 Story Treehouse and it was really good. I really want to get some more of them. Also I am reading a Andy Griffiths book right book in the class room for free reading time. On my holidays I went inside the Sydney Opera House and saw the 26 Story Tree House!! The play was really good. Don’t stop reading them! : p

        From Hayden

  5. Dear Miss Baldwin , My favourite author is Jeff Kinney because he writes the best diary books ever . The most thing I like about his books are that he doesn’t have too much writing or too many pictures . I also like the things Greg Heffley gets up to .

    From Jasmine

  6. dear mrs b
    I think reading is impotant because they is fun things and intresting facts about things and they are adventures pizols and lods more.
    by cooper 🙂

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin ,my favourite author is Adam Blade because he always starts the story the same way and I like that. Also in the book you get free collection cards too and the books are all
    about beast battles.


  8. Dear Mrs B,
    Reading takes you on an adventure and I love to use my imagination. Learning about new things through books and I love all the funny stories.
    I think reading is important because you learn how to spell words and understand story lines. We need to read to get through things in life.
    Andy Griffiths is my favourite author he writes funny stories and when I start a book of his I just can’t stop reading it.
    At the moment I am reading The haunting of spook house by George Ivanoff you choose your own adventure and I think the class will love these books.

  9. Dear Miss Baldwin my favourite author is Adam Blade because he wrote all the beast quest books and they are just be enjoyable and i just can not stop reading them at school. i am starting my third one today. From Christian

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin I love reading books. It’s one of my favourite things to do. Some of my favourite authors are Jeff Kinney who writes “Diary of a wimpy kid”, Caroline Keene who writes “Nancy drew”, Roald Dalh who writes the B.F.G, Fantastic Mr. Fox and more and Liz Pichon who writes Tom Gates.
    From Hannah

  11. DEAR MRS Baldwin
    Its good fun reading books.
    Because you learn words.
    I don’t really have one but I like reading girls rock books.
    I can’t think of any.

    By Elyssa

    1. Hi Elyssa
      I think it’s fun to red books as well. Girls rock are coo, I read lot’s of them for my accelerated reader test.
      From Hannah

      1. Hi Hannah,
        1.why I’m replying is because I like reading books too.
        2.I think I’ve only done about two Accelerated Reader tests
        From jackson

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin I think reading reading is fun because it can take you on imagination adventures especially fantasy ones.from kain

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin I have lots of favourite authors and books they are h.i larry Zac power ? Will solvit Adam blade beast quest and skullduggery pleasant and others
    From Kain

  14. Dear Mrs Baldwin I think we need will solvits and more diary of a wimpy kid also maybe some doctor who.
    From Kain

    1. hi kain, probably not doctor who otherwise i would using my thing for my sister she loves doctor who
      From Connor

  15. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I just want to say the library has the best books and we also should get some books like captin underpants and the cat in the hat but there are really good books

    From Ryan

  16. dear miss baldwen

    I think this I will be have a great year and a great friends.I think you will be a great teacher i also like the class blog and the class and my mum likes it as well almost evreyone doese I prittey much like evrey thing my fravrit sub ject is maths and histerey.

    frome ryan

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