Another Year Over…

Wow we can’t believe that the end of Term 4 has arrived! What a year it has been for everyone! We have all grown, learnt and experienced so much this year and we are now ready to embark on Year 5 in 2015!

There have been many events and learning that have made this year memorable for everyone. Some of these include:

Multicultural Week

Harmony Day

Science Solar System Presentation

Growing our own plants for our Plant Life Science Topic

Games Day

Creating our Dream Houses

Gardening Lessons

The Science and Maths Angry Bird Investigation

Tennis, Lacrosse and Football Clinics

Time of our Life maths Investigation

Mathletics and Accelerated Reader Achievements

Mayoral Make-A-Book Competition

Our Fraction Party

End of Year

Book Week – Connect to reading

Grandparents Day

Starting our own Class blog and writing weekly comments and connecting with other classes across the world

Bitstrip comics

Working with our Year 3 CAT Buddies

Our Assembly

Singing in the local Carols by Candlelight


There are many, many more special things that have happened this year that Mrs Baldwin and Room 9 have enjoyed so much. Mrs Baldwin is very proud of all the year 4 students and all of their achievements this year!

Good luck to all students in Room 9 for 2015 and enjoy for summer holidays!




What have you enjoyed the most about this year and why?

What are you looking forward to next year?

What are you looking forward to in the holidays?

11 thoughts on “Another Year Over…

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The activity I enjoyed most this year was probably creating our dream house, I liked it because I could add anything I wanted to it.
    The thing I am most looking forward to next year is the harder science( I thought this years was easy.)
    The thing I’m most looking forward to in the holidays is my trip. I’ll go to Sydney, Mare, Noumea and the Isle of Pines.

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    What I have enjoyed most about this year is the perspective drawing because everyone has had lots of creative ideas for the artwork.
    I’m looking forward to Noah’s birthday and Christmas because they will both be very fun.

    From Brodie

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    The thing I’ve enjoyed the most this year is sports day because it was fun to play lots of games and my team won. It was the first time I’ve won.

    The things I’m looking forward to are my birthday and Christmas because I’ll get lots of presents which is cool.

    From Noah.

  4. Dear mrs Baldwin
    I most enjoyed the eagles footy clinic even thoe we only had it for 1 day. I also enjoyed pe and fitness
    In the holidays I am looking foward to my friends birthday party because I get to stay the whole weekend at his shack at Aldinga
    I’m looking foward to all the fitness
    From Josh

  5. Dear mrs Baldwin
    What I have enjoyed most about the year was games day because we stayed active and everyone enjoyed it even if there team did not win like my team which was green came second by about 100 points.
    The other thing I enjoyed about this year was the fraction party was when we did the party I loved the food that people brought in the food that I enjoyed most was Gracie’s marble cake it was delicious I enjoyed that.And the last thing I enjoyed was all the sport clinics because I like all those sports.

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed doing the angry birds project because we got to make it and do test on it like heavy winds, earth quake, gravity it was lots of fun even know we haven’t done the tests yet but we did mini tests and we’re still looking forward to it.
    From jess

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin, what i enjoyed most was most likely well just learning fractions because the where really fun.what i want to do next year is just have fun and learn new things!
    since the holidays are already here what have you bin up to? i have just bin relaxing and preparing for Christmas eve at my Grandmas house in the Barossa for a whole family Christmas Feast with all the family that live in and out of my home and then exchanging gifts and presents from family! we stay till about 11:00 and get back home at 12:00. Then we wake (we being family that live at my house)and open presents from santa and a small box of gifts from mum and then have a 3 course meal and have our last few presents before whatching tv and playing with things we got. any way I wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy new year thank you for a great year!!!
    From Megan

  8. Dear Mrs B,
    you don’t have to post this but are you enjoying your last days of holidays? i sure am i have been doing some really fun things after Christmas eg: catching up with friends and going to the movies ( i am looking ford to seeing Jarassic world number 4 of the jarassic park movies the trailer is really scary but i’m going to go any way in June when it comes out in cinimas). i really hope i can still reply and talk to you when we go back to school!
    from megan

    1. Dear Megan, Thanks for the post. I had a lovely relaxing holidays thankyou. I hope you had a great holidays with your family as well! You can absolutely reply and chat to me anytime. The blog is always running and anyone can write on it including you. It will start next week (week 3) so keep an eye out on some new posts! Hope you are enjoying Year 5. From Mrs Baldwin

  9. Hi Mrs baldwin,
    Hav a good Australia day and my Cruz is in your class maddi I’m pretty shore
    From jess.

    1. Dear Jess,
      Happy Australia Day to you too. I hope you had a good day with your family. I am not sure your cousin is in my class as I don’t have a Maddi, but I am sure she is one of the classrooms near by. Remember come and have a chat to me anytime or you are welcome to write a post on the blog. I hope you are enjoying Year 5, From Mrs Baldwin

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