Edublog Awards 2014

Our class are very excited because we have just found out that we are finalists for one of the categories for the Edublog Awards for 2014. The category that we are a finalist for is ‘Best Class Blog’.

The factors used for shortlisting were based on the number of comments, bookmarking and Google page ranking which means that the blog is highly engaging to readers for people to consistently locate the blog.

This is a major achievement as it is the first year we have been undertaking blogging as a class and we have all learnt so much in the process.

We would love for you to vote for us!

To vote…

1. Go to the link below and find Mrs Baldwin’s Class Blog.

2. Click on the thumbs up icon beneath our blog picture.

It will ask you to login to using an account from either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ account. You must be over 13 to vote. You will know that your vote has been counted because the thumbs up icon will turn light blue.

3. Vote by Tuesday 16th December at 2:29pm Adelaide, Australia time.

Thank you for all your support, we are very honored and excited to be a shortlisted finalist as there are many terrific class blogs across the world!


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