6 thoughts on “Quick Quote Friday #17

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think the quote means to love some one and he or she loves you back you are naturally rich but not with money but with your heart. No matter how much your boss pays you’ll never have enough money to have love in your life no matter how much you pay. Also love isn’t being a spoilt brat.

    Some thing that makes me rich is having a mum and dad to help you stand when you fall and to talk through bad things.

    From Anika

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think it means its okay if you don’t have as much money as others. Its better to be kind and loving towards others then rich and spoilt. Have a rich heart and that’s all that matters.
    From Gracie

  3. Dear mrs Baldwin
    I think this quote means that no matter how rich you are it really doesn’t matter if you just have a person to love and care for and you should be happy with what you get
    From FATE 🙂

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think the quote means that you don’t need money to be rich. Also that you can be
    happy without it and that family is more important then getting lots of money and being rich.
    I think that loving your family makes you rich and happy.
    From Ella

  5. Dear mrs B
    The quote means that you are not rich from how much money you have you are rich from how nice and help full you are.
    Something the keeps me happy is when my family are all nice to each other.
    From Kayley

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