Karina’s 100 Word Challenge #7

I was lying on my bed choosing out my clothes, painting my nails and styling my hair for tonight’s school prom when all of a sudden my little brother ran in I asked him who he is today and he said” I am farter “and I said” you are what now? “he said” would you like my to demonstrate? “and I said” yes, wait what? “ but it was to late I could not believe the smell it stunk like mad it smelt like a stink bomb blew up my room Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .

I shouted at him told dad but he didn’t get told off!

10 thoughts on “Karina’s 100 Word Challenge #7

  1. Well Karina you have have described the behaviour of horrible little brothers very well – do you have a younger brother of your own? Have another look at where you could add sentence punctuation to make it easier for the reader to understand.

  2. Hi Mrs Baldwin,
    Wow! That was one awesome 100 word challenge alright! I liked it because it makes me laugh!

  3. Dear Karina,
    I thing your 100wc was really good and it was a bit hard to understand at when the little brother said ” would you like my to demonstrate?” I do not under stand that it should be “would you like me to demonstrate?” but beside that it is great!!!

    From Asha

  4. Dear Karina
    good 100 WC! it made me crack up. Like what Asha said
    I didn’t understand that part but all the rest is AWESOME!!!!!
    Because you have a little brother do you find him annoying?

    From Ella

    1. Dear Ella,
      I totally agree that her 100WC was AWESOME and made me laugh I think the word that we sentence that we did not get is because it was a little brother and he could not speak that well.

      From Asha

  5. Dear room 9,
    I miss you guys so much hate my new school way worse than Grange, I love Grange much, much more.
    I have talked to some of you on the phone or skype and am trying to keep in touch.
    Cant belive it was my last 100 word challenge in week 7 so sad but I think it was really good since I started the 100 word challenge in week 1.

    From Karina :0

    1. Dear Karina,
      I’m very sad to here that your not enjoying your new school. Have you done any trips to zoo’s or any thing like that? in conclusion i feel bad your not enjoying your new school but Love the 100 WC
      From your class mate who misses you very much Megan 🙁

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