Ella’s 100 Word Challenge #7

As I walked into the bright lights it hit me….

My eyes started to water, my stomach began to churn .
My nostrils filed with filthy fumes and I felt like I was
about to be sick. I wanted to run away and slam the
door behind me,to try and rid myself from the stench
but I needed to keep going forward as there was only
one way out. I held my breath as I ran for the exit
door, never again will I venture into the deaths of the
David Jones perfume department.
I could not believe the smell….

3 thoughts on “Ella’s 100 Word Challenge #7

  1. Great writing, Ella.
    This is both technically very good but also humorous too. Your sentences and punctuation are excellent, as is your use of interesting vocabulary.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dear Ella, I like your description on how the smell was so disgusting I can not wait for you to wright more.
    From Megan

  3. Dear Ella,
    I think your 100 WC is great and funny at the end. One question are you going to continue it next week or start a new one.
    From Kayley

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