Adam’s 100 Word Challenge #7

I could not believe that smell in the kitchen by Luke he made food that smelt delicious it was cupcakes but it had Luke’s to secret to tell me he is a crazy mainly ac he almost hit me in the head. I will bye a new house if he does not take it easy. He has broken my house I will kill him if he does not brake stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 mins later where is he. Has gone easy I know were he is he is in the basement look there he is can he come back up !!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Adam’s 100 Word Challenge #7

  1. Adam well done on your 100WC there is nothing nicer than the smell of delicious cupcakes. Your idea is very good but I wonder did you read this before submitting? Reading over your writing is very important to pick up some small mistakes. Remember to use punctuation, especially full stops and capital letters.

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoyed remembrance day today because of all the beautiful coloured poppy’s and I enjoyed the trumpet performance. The one minutes silence was a little awkward but I thought back to all the soldier’s serving in the war and what they may have gone through and what had happened to them mentally and how physically demanding It must have been.

    By Charlie K

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