Lachie’s 100 Word Challenge #4

On our trip I found a pepper with an orange on it. And I also found a soft crocodile on the beach. And then I just remembered that I forgot my camera because I left it at home. Then my pet mouse was yelling “snake! Snake!” I ran as fast as I could but it was just a worm eating a bug. And suddenly a snake ate the worm and I was so scared! The snake was my brother’s toy. So I ran home and had a nap. And the next day I was leavening the holiday.

By Lachie

One thought on “Lachie’s 100 Word Challenge #4

  1. Well done Lachie, you managed to use all the words in your 100WC! It was a very unusual story, I got a bit confused because I’m not sure what a soft crocodile looks like – was it a toy crocodile? Or perhaps a furry one? Great effort, keep writing!

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