Kayley’s 100 Word Challenge #4

Hello I’m Pepper and I live in a Zoo. There is a sick crocodile called Gracie we know she’s sick because she’s turning orange. Every morning we give her medicine but when you give her medicine you have to put her soft pillow underneath or its bye bye you. I never forgot the pillow. On a Zoo you do a lot and I mean a lot of work oh I forgot to tell you im home schooled. Ok back to the crocodile business we have to find a cure for the orange sickness but how does a crocodile go orange its impossible. Maybe someone painted her.
By Kayley

One thought on “Kayley’s 100 Word Challenge #4

  1. I thought your story was very entertaining. I like the style you used, telling the story through first person perspective. How does the pillow keep the zookeeper from getting bit by the crocodile? I will say though, that the sentence about being home schooled seems to be randomly thrown in to make the word quota. Nicely done, keep up the good work.

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