Tennis Clinic

This term we have been lucky to be involved in a Tennis clinic on the courts near Jetty Street. Our instructor worked with our class for 4 lessons and taught us some new tennis skills.

What is the history of Tennis?

Some believe the game began in 12th century France, while others say that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans began the game.

How to play Tennis

Why play Tennis?

Playing tennis won’t just help you stay fit and keep you in shape, there are many reasons why this sport is great for you. Here are some of the best:

  • Tennis is a non-contact sport and can be played by boys and girls, men and women of all ages
  • It’s a sport for life – many people play into their 80s and beyond
  • The more you play the more your hand-eye-coordination will improve
  • It’s a social sport – whether you play singles or doubles, you’re bound to make some new friends
  • Tennis is accessible – there are hundreds of courts across Australia
  • It’s a lot of fun!
  • It’s a stress-buster and the tactics and strategy involved will get your brain working.
  • Tennis has been shown to improve bone density, particularly in the hip and lumbar spine areas.


Each week in partners we participated in lots of short tennis drills that allowed us to practise these skills. It was really great to see our instructor help every single student and teach us how to improve our techniques.

The skills we practised were:

  • Holding the racket properly
  • Volleying the ball
  • Positioning ourselves on the court
  • Attacking and defending shots


Now that we have finished there are some classes that students can participate in if they wish to continue learning about how to play tennis. This information will be placed in the school newsletter. We never know we might have the next Lleyton Hewitt or Rafael Nadal at Grange Primary!

Well done everyone for having a go!

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What skill did you learn from participating in the tennis clinics?

Have you played tennis before?

What did you enjoy the most about the tennis clinic?

What tennis skill would you like to learn or practice more of?

19 thoughts on “Tennis Clinic

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin I think tennis makes you more happy and more active I’m getting the hang of it now it really burns your energy off when your angry or happy and about the tennis clinic I really enjoyed everything from Lewis😃

    1. Hi Mrs Baldwin, I cant answer the first qusetion as im not in your class. I have not played tennis at all and I cant answer the third question. The tennis skills that I need to practise more would be my hitting. Gemma

  2. Dear Mrs B

    No I have not played tennis before next what I enjoyed the most was battling each other in tennis finally I need to work volling. Mrs B have you ever played tennis ?

  3. Dear mrs Baldwin I have played tennis befor at next generation my coach was the best but he stoped teaching and I quit but I found out that Brodie also got coached by him but now I have started to play squash and I like it more than tennis. From Luis

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I have played tennis before but I have not played on a real tennis court before so I have to play at home in my backyard which is pretty small.

    The skill I want to practise more of is my serve and my back hand because I think those are the most important things you need in tennis

    From Panashe

  5. dear Mrs Baldwin
    i have played tennis and I learnt how to play bump. I most enjoyed playing games i would like to practise volling from Josh

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The skill I learnt was how to serve and hit the ball.
    I have played tennis before out the front of our house with my dad.
    I enjoyed playing games and versing my friends.
    The hardest skill was serving.

    from Charlie S.

  7. Dear Mrs B, i have not played tennis like being trained like we did. but i have played with my nanny once or twice.

    The thing i most enjoyed was batting the ball really far and learning about the base line.
    From Megan

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin,I have only played tennis at a hotel for fun I enjoyed hitting the ball very high and I would of like to keep my eye on the ball.Lara

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I have played last and the year before but I would like to do it again some time.
    I would like to learn how to do a Forhand.
    From Ruby

  10. Dear Mrs Baldwin, I have never played tennis before but my dad said it will be good to play next year . Do you like tennis? Chloe

  11. Hi Mrs Baldwin,
    I have played tennis before and it was really fun. I would like to practice more on my forehands.

  12. Hi Mrs Baldwin,
    I have played tennis berore and it was pretty fun but I wouldn’t play it as actual sport. I learnt how to do a back hand and a front spin.

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I have hot shots tennis lessons every Wednesday and my coach is David ( who coached our school lessons ). I really enjoy it and David won a best hot shots tennis coach award last year.

    I would like to improve my serve so that I can aim it and have more power so I can control it. I think serving is an advantage so if I improve I will get more points and win more games.

    From Noah.

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