Swimming Lessons

During Week 3 all Year 4 classes participated in swimming lessons at the Theberton Swimming Centre. Swimming is part of the curriculum and is another way we can be active whilst learning about water safety. The skills we developed were:

  • Water confidence
  • Survival in the water
  • Swimming technique
  • Rescue of others
  • Water safety
  • Endurance and fitness

We were placed in small groups that matched our swimming ability and for an hour and a half each day we worked with our instructors to develop our swimming skills and knowledge.


On Friday we were able to participate in some fun games with the highlight being a giant sized jumping castle in the pool. This was a great way to finish a big week in the pool!

Below is a video about swimming safely in the pool and ocean.

There is also a website called Swim and Survive that has some wonderful information about water safety along with some interactive games and activities that relate to swimming safely in pools and the ocean. You can check it all out HERE . You can find the games section under the Kids Zone menu!


What was one skill you learnt during swimming lessons this week?

What did you enjoy most about the lessons?

Why do you think learning about water safety is important for both adults and children?

6 thoughts on “Swimming Lessons

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I learnt was side stroke. Side stroke is you lay on your side half of your body one pointing down to your legs and another in the way you want to go. You then bend your knees and your arms. Scissor kick your legs and push out your arms.

    The thing I most enjoyed was the float but it wasn’t fun when I got stuck in the hole.

    I think it is important to swim because you may need to help someone but you can’t and you just so much fun doing it as well.

    From Anika

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    The one skill I learnt during swimming lessons was butterfly,
    And this is how you do it the stroke you do is dolphin kick and when your
    head comes above the water you bring your arms up like a butterfly.

    The thing I enjoyed the most about swimming lessons was sikranised diving I did it with Kayley and we got 9.8 and we won. Another great thing about swimming lessons was the giant jumpy castle could the wipe out. It was so much fun!!!!!!

    From Anah

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The skill I learnt at swimming was survival backstroke. You bring up your arms and legs up then you put them out like a star, and then you snap them by your side.

    My favourite part was the bouncy castle, I’m sure it was everyone else’s too. I liked it when you went down the slide at the end.

    From Noah.

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    the thing I enjoyed the most about swimming was the wipe out. The reason why I enjoyed
    it because there was water every where and you got to race someone. From Panashe

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I love to swim but even a good swimmer needs to know water safety because any ting could. Also I think you need to know how to swim because at a beach/swimming pool you could get in trouble and you might know how to get out of it. I swim 2 times a week and in summer I do surf life saving.
    From Kayley

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    Hi Im a student from Mr Rothwell class ,Im a very good swimmer and made it to Area.I think doing online blog is realy fun. From Thomas

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