Planning our Fraction Party!

Over the last few weeks of this Term 2 and Term 3 we have been learning about Fractions. The fraction skills we have learnt are:

  • drawing and naming different fractions
  • adding and subtracting fractions with the same as well as different denominators.
  • recognising equivalent fractions
  • what an improper fraction is and how to convert it to a mixed number
  • what a mixed number is and how to convert it to an improper fraction

We will now be using a lot of the skills we have learnt about fractions to undertake our next maths investigation called……


Our Fraction Party

Here is the the task…

Fractions are part of our lives. One of the many ways Fractions affect our lives involves our food. Think of how often we divide food into equal parts when we prepare it, when we serve it and when we share it.

Plan a Fraction Party for a group of people. You may include any food as long as it an be divided easily into equal parts. You will need 3 large food items  like a pizza that can be cut into equal parts and 3 small food items like grapes that can be shared in equal numbers. Draw or cut out pictures to show the food you would serve and how you would share it.

Present your party plan to Mrs Baldwin. If you include very healthy choices you may even be allowed to hold a real Fraction Party as a class.

pizzaOver the last 2 weeks we have been collecting our 6 food choices (3 large items and 3 small items) by using catalogues, pictures from the Internet or drawing them in our books. Everyone has now made a decision on how many people they will plan their fraction party for.

Kayley's Work
Kayley’s Work
Panashe's Work
Panashe’s Work
Luis' Work
Luis’ Work

This week we surveyed the people we wish to invite to see which of our chosen foods they will eat. This will then help us plan how much of each food we would need to bring if we were to have the party.

survey survey survey


For the remainder of the week everyone will need to calculate the following:

  • Number of people who will eat each item
  • How many of each item you will provide for each person
  • Total number of each food item you will have to buy
  • Draw pictures to show how each food item will be shared equally among people
  • That fraction of food each person will get including any equivalent fractions

When we have completed all our calculations our results will be presented in poster form. To celebrate our learning we will then choose one of these items that each person will bring in for a class fraction party!

What fraction skill from the list at the top of this post do you feel the most confident about using and why?

Can you think of when you would need to use fractions in everyday life?

Can you name a fraction and an equivalent fraction to match it? 


7 thoughts on “Planning our Fraction Party!

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    These are some of the times we use fractions in everyday life, sharing with my brother, cutting food to share with my family and splitting time equally.

    I also know a few equivalent fractions here they are, 6/12 = 1/2 and 9/27 = 1/3.

    From Noah.

  2. Dear mrs Baldwin
    I can name a fraction wich has an equivalent fraction like 2 over 8 and the equivalent fraction for it is 1 over 4

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    My favourite fraction is the normal fraction because im used to it and I know them 100 percent.

    by Lachie

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think I will be able to use the strategy converting mixed numbers into improper fractions and improper fractions into mixed numbers.

    I think I may use fractions when it is my 21st birthday or when I’m being a host for a dinner.

    From Anika

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    We use fractions when we cut cakes, pizza, and so on. We also use fractions when we divide or split lollies or any other food with your friend. Mum also uses fractions when she mixes colour in the salon.
    From Gracie

    An equivalent fraction is two over eight and one over four also four over ten and two over five.

  6. Hi
    I can name an equivalent fraction, 64 out of 128 and 32 out of 64. You would need to use fractions when you are building a house or a skyskraper or something.
    From Jordan4R

  7. Hi
    An equivelant fraction is 64 out of 128 and 32 out of 64.You need fractions when your job is being a builder and you are building something.
    From Jordan

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