Term 3 Accelerated Reader Targets

Last Term each student in Room 9 created an Accelerated Reader Target goal to achieve by the end of the term. Mrs. Baldwin was very impressed with most students choosing appropriate books for their level and completing the AR quizzes so that their target was achieved. There were a lot of students who achieved 70% or more of their target and even some who not only achieved their target but kept completing the quizzes to boost their target percentage to over 130%!

A lot of students have also achieved several certificates by moving through the Certification Levels. Most students have moved from Ready Reader and have even reached as far as Advanced Reader which means they have moved up 4 levels in a term! Mrs. Baldwin will continue printing certificates this term when a level has been achieved.

readingThis Term we will continue to use the AR display in our Classroom to help monitor our new targets for Term 3. This week Mrs. Baldwin will re-interview all students to discuss how students felt they went with their point target last term and whether any adjustments need to be made. All Accelerated Reader Targets are created by using each students AR Reading level along with how many minutes each child on average reads per day.

Remember everyone can access the AR website to complete the quizzes in the morning or in certain times throughout the school day. You can also access it straight after school by using the link that has been provided on our class blog under ‘literacy sites’.

Mrs. Baldwin is looking forward to seeing everyone’s enthusiasm and motivation continue this term to achieve your new Target for this Term.

Good luck everyone!


What do you enjoy most about using the Accelerated reader Program?

How do you think the Accelerated Reader Program has improved or helped your reading this year?

What is your AR target this term and how will you make sure you do your best to achieve it?



16 thoughts on “Term 3 Accelerated Reader Targets

  1. Dear Ms B,

    I enjoy the Accelerator Reader Program because it helps me improve my reading. I am very proud of my last term effort in achieving my target. This term will be harder because some books I have chosen at the library I have already read those books and so I can’t do the test again. I have chosen some harder books which I read with Mum each night.

    The AR Program has improved my reading by learning new words and improving my imagination. Especially when I read harder books with no pictures.

    My AR target this term is 16.3 and I am going to achieve my target by reading each night.

    From Charlie S

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin, my goal this term is to get to beyond because I got to beyond last year I thought EVERYONE did a AWESOME job and i’m also very proud of myself
    From Fate 🙂

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think the Accelerated Reader Program has improved my reading
    this year by getting me into reading more books and made enjoy books more

    My Accelerated Reader target this term is 19.7 I am going achieve it by borrowing accelerated reader at the library. Once I am finish reading it I will do an accelerated reader test in the morning or afternoon.
    from Ella

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    My goal this term is reaching 100% on my AR target. So I’m going to try my hardest.

    I enjoy the AR program because it quizzes you on not just what your reading also how you are going.
    It gives you a perspective of if you should read a higher level or a bit lower than normal and last but not least it also gives you 4 stars if you didn’t like it was it ok it was great and it was fabulous.

    From Anika

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think accelerated reader has helped me to read more books, and concerntrate on what I am reading.
    It makes me think about the book a lot more.

    I am going to try and read alot more books to reach my AR target.
    From Gracie

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I like AR because it helps me remember parts of the books that are really funny I also like
    it because it makes me write the title correctly. What do you like about it Mrs Baldwin?

    from Asha

    1. Dear Asha,
      Its great to hear you enjoy using the AR website and that it is helping you remember what you are reading. I like AR readers because there are many books you can choose from and you are able to do quick comprehension tests and receive certificates for all your hard work! Keep it up Asha.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    Accelerated Reader is helping bring my enthusiasm of reading come back which I like lots. My target is 46.1 and I will achieve it by reading books and as long as my enthusiasm stays high I will keep reading.
    From Brodie

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    I think AR isn’t the best because I can’t redo a quiz even if I got some questions wrong!

    Sometimes I forget I have read an AR book and I can’t do a quiz. 🙁

    From Brodie

  9. Dear mrs Baldwin
    My are target is 24.4 an to achieve my target I am going to read as many books as possible.
    From panashe

  10. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    I enjoy using AR because it has introduced me to lots of new books like deltora quest and lemony snicket. I also like that we have a target and it encourages me because I really want to achieve it.

    Also my accelerated reader target is 44.7 and I am going to try as hard as I can to achieve my target.
    From Noah

  11. Dear Mrs B,hi i think i enjoy learning what you learn from the books you read in ar.
    i think i improved in reading higher books.
    From Megan

  12. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    My target is 13.0 and I recon I can achieve my target by under standing the words and correcting the words I need.

    By Lachie

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I don’t think AR AR is the best at times because if you forget to do a quiz and don’t know the tittle then you can’t do one . 🙁
    and also if you forget to bring your book you can not do a quiz

    From Asha

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