Why are flowers important?

This Term we have been learning about Plant life and the different stages of the plant life cycle.

Last week we participated in an investigation which involved us looking closely at a flower and its parts. We worked in groups with each group sharing a flower each.


Firstly we had to draw the flower as a whole and label all the parts that we knew the names of.

flower flower flower

Mrs Baldwin then cut our flowers in half and we then drew a cross section diagram of our flowers. By cutting the flowers in half we could see more clearly what the flower looked like from the inside and its different parts.


The following week we discussed the different parts of the flower and their names. Below is a cross section of a flower and its parts.


We learnt that the flower of the plant contains its reproductive organs. The male parts of the flower are called stamens and the anthers carry pollen which contain the male reproductive cells of the plant. The female parts of the flower are usually found in the center and are called the pistil. The ovules which are inside the ovary are where the female reproductive cells of the plant are located.

We also learnt about pollination which describes the transfer of pollen from an anther to a stigma. Some plants self pollinate but others rely on insects, birds, bats and even mammals to collect pollen and transfer it from flower to flower. Pollen can also be carried by wind.

In the next few weeks we will watch the David Attenborough documentary called ‘The Private Life of Plants’ so that we can visually see pollination and fertilization in action.

What did you learn from looking and drawing the flowers?

How can you describe pollination in your own words?

What else would you like to learn about flowers and pollination?

7 thoughts on “Why are flowers important?

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin , I think flowers are important because they are part of the environment and the environment is very important to life and the world and also flowers are quite pretty and really cool !!!!!

    From Fate.

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think pollination means a bee flies to a flower and it collects the pollen from the anther. Then it goes off to another flower from the same specie and collects more pollen but when the bee leaves it drops pollen from the other flower. The pollen falls into the stigma and then goes down into the ovule and that creates fruit.

    I learnt that flowers have male parts and female parts. I also learnt what pollination is and I learnt the following parts to a flower: stigma, style, ovary, ovule, filament, and the anther.
    From Gracie

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin, I would like to learn how the flower (flowers) also help the ecosystem to well be how it is now.

    pollination is pollen traveling from flower to flower and helping a flower get other flowers in another time later in the plants life.
    From Megan

  4. Dear Ms Baldwin this isn’t about Flowers but it is about Trees.This is a fact did you know that if there were no Trees we would die.

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I think flowers are important because the flowers give us oxygen and look beauty full
    From Chandan

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin this year I have enjoyed science and learning about pollen and space.
    And I learnt that mice eat pollen.

    From Charlie K

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