How to write a Narrative

Narratives are always fun to write because they are a fiction text and you can use your imagination and create some interesting characters and new places. We have all been enjoying writing our narrative’s this term.

We began by looking at the structure of a narrative.

Orientation – which includes the who, what, when, where and why

Complication or Problem – every good story needs a problem to solve!

Series of events – at least 3 different events that occur where the character is trying to solve their problem.

Resolution- the problem is finally solved.

We then watched a clip of a student reading a very popular children’s book called the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister so that we could see an example of how a narrative is structured.

We also looked at the type of words used in narratives so that the stories are interesting. These words are adjectives and they help describe people, places and events. Mrs Baldwin often says that when a good writer has include lots of adjectives, you can picture in your head what the characters and places look like. It is like a movie being played in your mind and the more adjectives that  are used, the more interesting and entertaining the story is.


From there we have begun writing our own narratives. We have been making sure that we include lots of adjectives by using a list we have in our work books and our imagination.

Mrs Baldwin has been extremely impressed with the detailed orientations that have been written so far! We will have until the rest of the term to continue writing them along with the first part of Term 3.

Once the first draft has been edited and checked, we will be typing our stories on a Word Document and making them into a book using our own drawings. They will be professionally bound and will include a blurb on the back and also a recorded version of ourselves reading the story on a disc which will be attached to the book.  We will then enter all our books into the Mayoral Make-A-Book Literacy Challenge 2014. Entries close Friday 29th of August!


What have you learnt about writing a Narrative?

What are you enjoying most about making your own book?

Have you entered in the Mayoral Make-A-Book Literacy Challenge before?


10 thoughts on “How to write a Narrative

  1. To mrs Baldwin

    I learnt in a narrative that the house come 1st then the person then the problem then how it got solved then the end.

    From Lachie!

  2. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    I have learnt a lot about a narrative. I learnt that you can make up your own names,that you can make up your own characters and that it comes from your imagination.
    from Jess

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I am most enjoying about making this book is that I have always dreamed of making a book since i was 4 years old and publishing it
    from karina

    1. Dear Miss Karina,

      I made one last year and it was ok we made it with a friend it was awesome just trying to win a prize and some people won from my class!
      I also think it is a lot of fun and the best part is that you get to use your imagination.

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    What I have learnt while doing narrative writing is there are three
    different styles of telling a story. Fables, which at the end of it
    there is a lesson learnt. Myths, which are legends or beliefs.
    Fairy tales,which are completely made up and doesn’t have anything
    behind it.

    What I am enjoying about making a book is that we get to chose what
    our story is about and I have always wanted to enter a book into the
    Mayoral Make-A-Book. I’m so exited! it would amazing if one of us won

    No I have not entered it before
    From Anah

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I have not entered in the Mayoral Make- A -Book before . I am excited about it and hope I win!

    the thing that I enjoy about making the book is that I get to use my imagination and create what is happening in the story. Which I think I am going really well with.
    From Ella

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin, I’m enjoying the fun and joyful things we can make in our stories and the scary and suspenseful things we can put in.

    Yes I have entered before. The book I entered was dream bend the stars or something like that I did not win but close friends of mine Grace and Jessica won with a unicorn story.

    From Megan

  7. Dear mrs Baldwin :0 🙂
    I have entered in a mayoral make a book before it was called charlie and ella the two twin snhooldes

    from Charlie.s.

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    what I have learnt about the narratives is how to do the structure and what order it goes in. I agree a narrative is very fun to write because its not true so you can use your imagination in what ever part you want.

    Yes I have entered a book in the mayoral make a book before it was last year I did it with a partner its really fun making them.
    From Gracie

  9. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    The thing I have enjoyed about doing a narrative is you get to write anything you want and yes I have done the mayoral make a book before.
    From Kayley

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