4 thoughts on “Quick Quote Friday #6

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I think it means that if you think good thoughts happy things will happen and they will start to have a impact on your life and how you think about things.

    Its a great thing to think positive because you might feel sad and all of a sudden you feel happy and your enjoying life much more than before .

    The thoughts you could plant in your mind is be kind, I am beautiful no matter what anybody else thinks or says,I am a wonderful person,happy and nice.

    By Anika

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin, I think this means think positive thoughts and get any non positive thoughts out of your mind.So you are happier then you may have been with bad thoughts in your mind.

    My positive plant would be ”mistakes are ok, they help us learn!”

    I’ts important to think positive thoughts because you are normally happier than you could bean.
    From Megan

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think it means if you think positive thoughts happy and good things will
    happen and that will start to make your life alot better.

    In my mind id plant very positive thoughts like the world is a good place so lets be happy.

    Its really good to think positive because it can change things a lot in a nice way. When your nice to someone who is not so nice you may actually make them smile.
    From Gracie

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