The Time of my Life

For the past few weeks our class has been working on our first math’s investigation called ‘The time of my life.’


You will be amazed to know that your teacher’s heart has made at least 750 million beats so far, even if your teacher is very young.

Investigate some amazing facts about yourself!

Find out how many:

  • days you have lived so far.
  • meals you have eaten.
  • days you have spent at school.
  • times you breathe or blink in a day.
  • times your heart beats every day.
  • leap years and summers you have lived through.

Students will then compare and contrast their data with a friend’s.

We used maths skills such as place value, multiplication, addition, subtraction and other problem solving strategies to complete the investigation.

We began by discussing the investigation as a class and we then wrote an investigation plan. This plan helped us to answer any questions and to begin thinking about how we will go about solving the investigation.

Maths Investigation Plan
Maths Investigation Plan

Everyone had a choice to either work individually or as a small group answering each question. The class worked very hard over the 2 weeks to answer each of the questions. Each question needed to show our working out and then the answer which was written as a sentence.



Our final results including all working out have been made into a booklet.

maths book maths book maths book

The homework task the following week was to then compare our results with a friend and reflect on the similarities and differences of our data.

maths maths

Maths Summary of results
Maths Summary of results


Which amazing fact about yourself did you enjoy finding out and why?

What did you find the most challenging about the investigation?

Which fact did you find the most interesting about yourself and what maths skills did you use to solve the answer?


2 thoughts on “The Time of my Life

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    I enjoyed finding out how many days I have lived so far because I have always wanted to know how long I have lived for since the age of about six. That is three years!
    I think that finding out how many meals I have eaten was the most challenging but it was easy at the same time. I loved doing the investigation so can we please do more because that would be really fun?
    From Brodie

    1. Dear Brodie,
      I am very happy to hear you enjoyed doing the investigation and you were able to answer a question about yourself that you have been wondering about.
      There will definitely be more maths investigations this year, with the next one being about fractions!
      From Mrs Baldwin

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