Bullying Comics

Last week our class began creating comics about different strategies to deal with bullying. This week we have spent homework time completing our comics.

The task was to create a comic using one of the types of bullying which are cyber, physical, verbal and social and then use a strategy we discussed in class to stop the bullying.

We used a website called Bitstrips for Schools which is an educational site for teachers and kids to use to create comics that relate to their learning. There are all types of subject areas such as Science, Literacy, Maths, Art and Sport available where the students can create a comic to show their understanding and learning in a creative way.

Below are some bullying comics our class have created. Please enjoy!

You can view all our bullying comics by clicking on this link  bs4s.me/g/M83P

What did you enjoy most about using Bitstrips for Schools?

What subject or topic would you like to create a comic for next time?

11 thoughts on “Bullying Comics

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin, hi thanks for the comics well putting them up! please can you put up mine? or is there something wrong with it?
    i enjoyed on bitstrips is making my character in the class.
    next time i would make a like using your body to heart someone.
    From Megan

    1. Dear Megan,
      The comics look great! I am glad you enjoyed making them. Hopefully we can do more in the future. I could not put all the comics up because the post would be too big. You can view everyone’s comic that I have checked on the link under the pictures. I will see you on Monday to chat about it more!
      From Mrs Baldwin

  2. Dear mrs Baldwin, I thought those bullying comics from Bitstrips were great.
    they might make bullying of to a great start to stop bullying once and for all !
    from Fate.

    1. Dear Fate,
      You did a wonderful job with your comic and it will be updated soon on the link under the pictures. It will make people think about bullying when reading these comics and hopefully give people some advice on what to do.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    The thing I like most about doing the comic was mainly making the comics and making some of my own characters to put in my very own comic.
    Next time we make a comic I would like to do a learning comic.

  4. Dear mrs Baldwin
    What I liked about bit strips was that we got to change anything we wanted to like putting our own characters in it. You could make them say what you wanted them to say.

    From Panashe

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    My favourite thing about bitstrips for school
    was making our avatar.
    Also making the comic about anti-bulling day
    It was so fun making the comics and seeing
    peoples comics.

    From Adam

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    What I enjoyed most about using Bitstrips for Schools is that there are
    lost of different types of things you can put in you comics. Like props,backgrounds,
    and your own avatar.

    I would like to make a comic with our buddies and then show it
    at assembly

    1. Dear Anah,
      Bitstrips is great because of all the different choices you have like you had said. That sounds like a great idea making a comic with our buddies for Assembly. At this stage we may be showing our bullying comics at Assembly.
      From Mrs Baldwin

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