8 thoughts on “Quick Quote Friday #3

  1. Dear Mrs B, iv’e had courage speaking in front of a large group. a person could use courage in bullying to stand up to bullies.
    From Megan

    1. Dear Megan,
      That is great that you have used your courage to speak in front of a large group.
      A person would need courage when being bullied. Sometimes friends and adults can help in certain situations as well.
      From Mrs Baldwin.

      1. Dear Mrs Baldwin, thanks for replying you are very right what i mean is friends and adults can help in lots of ways. also thank you for letting us on! please look (if you can)
        on the bully comic site and look at the ones i made . i will create one tonight.
        From Megan

    2. Dear Megan,
      I didn’t have courage speaking or singing in front of a large group. But now I can. People should use courage standing up to people or bullies . Great job with writing lots of comments on the blog . Loving them so far. Keep it up.

      From Anika

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    Courage doesn’t want attention it gets a attention naturally and won’t brag about.It or some thing will keep going and be positive about it.

    A person can stop bulling by standing up for themselves and have courage even if they are bigger or have a deeper voice or some thing else scary. Go and talk to the teacher or some one you trust and tell them what’s happening or keep a journal and let some one read it like a councilor so you don’t have to talk.

    From Anika

    1. Dear Anika,
      Well done again with your reflection on the quotes that are posted on our blog. People do need courage to stand up to bullies. Some good tips on dealing with bullying as well.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  3. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I think that this quote mean’s that courage does not always mean that you have to be strong, brave or cool it just mean’s that you never give up and always try again.
    A person can use courage to speak up, tell someone or even just helping with Bullying.
    Thanks Karina

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin, I think the Quote means that try again until you get it right ,believe in your self , never give up and if you say I CAN DO IT !!!! You will finally get it right .

    From Fate.

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