Quick Quote Friday #2

Here is a new quick quote for a Friday. Read the quote, look at the picture and reflect on the questions below.

quick quote 2
courtesy of http://thedailyquotes.com/


Can you explain what this quote means in your own words?

Do you have someone in your life that you look forward to seeing and why?


3 thoughts on “Quick Quote Friday #2

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin, a quote means something like it might say friends help and have a picture of a cat helping a bird find food.

    The people i look forward to seeing every day are my friends, family, pets the list just goes on and on ; )
    From Megan

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    My response is it is a great feeling to wake up or have some one around you that you love and and care for and you always will until the end of time .

    I look forward to seeing my family and playing with my cousins like learning dances and watching music videos together.

    From Anika

  3. Does the bird like the dog or the dog like the bird? i think the bird likes the dog because the bird is giving the dog a rose.
    From Charlie W

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