Mother’s Day 2014

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mum’s around the world!

The celebration of Mother’s Day began in America in 1908 and was created by a lady named Anna Jarvis. She wanted a day where people could honor their Mother’s, and from there countries like Australia followed in their footsteps.

On Friday our class made Mother’s Day cards to give to all our caring, supportive and loving Mum’s. As the cards were pop up cards, we used our fine motor skills of cutting along with persistence and patience to create them. We tried our best with making our cards and wrote a beautiful poem inside especially for our Mum’s. We hope the Mother’s in Room 9 enjoy reading their cards today.

Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day Mother's Day



mothers day 2







We hope that all the special Mother’s out there feel appreciated and loved today and every other day of the year!

mothers day 1

Why is your Mother so special to you?

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day today?

If you could describe your Mum in one word, what would it be?



29 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2014

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin, my mum is very special because she helps me,loves me, she gives me food and plays with me. thanks for putting up things for mothers day!
    From Megan

    1. Dear Megan,
      That’s very nice to say those things about your mum. I hope your mum and the rest of your family had a wonderful day yesterday.
      From Mrs Baldwin

    2. Dear Megan
      Your mum sounds like a very special mum and those words you said about her are very nice. Did you do anything with her.
      From Kayley

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin, Me and my mum celebrated mother’s day by spending time together and I gave her a bracelet, Pandora and the card we made in class. My mum said the best present was the card I made in class. Dad and I drew pictures of flowers for her. I Enjoyed the day with my mum.
    From Charlie

    1. Dear Charlie,
      It sounds like your mum had a lovely Mother’s Day. I am glad she liked your card and your gift.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  3. Dear mrs B

    I spent my Mothers day by going to my pa’s house and had a barbecue with my relatives.It was
    fun we ate chicken,pasta salad and desert we also played some games.

    1. Dear Panashe
      A barbecue sounds a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day. The weather would have been great for one too. Sounds like you had a lovely day.
      From Mrs Baldwin

    1. Dear Luke,
      I am happy to hear your mother loved your card! I hope she had a wonderful day
      From Mrs Baldwin

    1. Dear Luis,
      I hope your Mum and the rest of your family enjoyed Mother’s Day and relaxed together.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  4. Dear Mrs B

    on mothers day my mum loved the card I gave her but it sort of broke when I put it in my bag
    but she still loved it ! We did not do much she just stayed home and relaxed. We got her a very comfortable jacket its also very warm it fits me I love my mum she is very special
    From Gracie:)

    1. Dear Gracie,
      That is bad luck the card broke but I am sure your Mum loved it anyway because you put so much effort into it! It is always nice to relax with your mum and spend time together. A comfortable jacket sounds like a great gift and I am sure she will use it this winter!
      From Mrs Baldwin

  5. Dear mrs Baldwin

    On Mothers Day we went out for dinner to an asian place it was so yummy.I had pad thai it was so yum.Mummy loved my card and my dad and I got her some flowers.If I could describe my mum in one word it would be awesome

    From Anah

    1. Dear Anah,
      That is wonderful that you took your Mum out for dinner and I am sure the Thai food was delicious! Great to hear your mum loved your card and I am sure the flowers were very beautiful.
      From Mrs Baldwin

    2. Dear Anah,
      Did your Mum like the card you made her?
      Did you enjoy celebrating mothers day with your Mum?
      Do you feel happy with what your Mum dose for you?
      From Ella

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    On Mothers day my family and I went to Port Adelaide to go the Dolphin Ferry for lunch . I had Calamari it was alright . I love my Mum to pieces and I will never forget her she’s also helped me through hard times same as you Mrs Baldwin. Because she’s helped me so much she deserved a fluffy onesie and a nice movie to go with it .

    From Anika

    1. Dear Anika,
      A Dolphin Ferry ride sounds like a wonderful way to spend Mother’s Day and hopefully you got to see some dolphins. It is always comforting to have your Mum around to help you when you need it and I am glad to hear she helps you. A fluffy onesie sounds like the perfect thing to wear when watching a movie. It sounds like you really enjoyed Mother’s Day!
      From Mrs Baldwin

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin

    My mothers day was great. First we gave her our gifts and she loved my card then we went to Cafe de grove at Garden Grove and my Mama and Papa were there and also Uncle Donald and Trish were there. There was a small playground there, a very big shop and a large plant shop as well. I love my mum so much because she does so many special things for me. To describe my mum in 1 word it would be…. amazing.

    In 1 word how would you say your mothers day was?

    1. Dear Brodie,
      Your Mother’s Day sounds wonderful. It sounds like you got to see a lot of your family and eat some yummy food! As I could not spend Mother’s Day with my Mum because she lives in Mount Gambier, my Mother’s Day was not very different to a normal Sunday. However I will answer your question by describing my Mum in 1 word and that would be ‘loving’.
      From Mrs Baldwin

      1. Dear Mrs Baldwin
        Is you’re mum like that mum who is always so nice until you do 1 little thing wrong and she gets mad and starts yelling at you because mine is sorta like that.
        From Brodie

  8. Dear mrs Baldwin
    When I gave my mum her Mother’s Day card she loved it and thought it was very nice. After we went to victor harbour to find a holiday house.
    From Kayley

  9. Dear miss Baldwin,
    I enjoyed making mothers day cards.
    My mum loved the card.
    My mum also said that it was a really great idea.
    From Olivia

  10. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    on mother’s day I set up a picnic and invited all of my family over and we played a big basket ball game and of course my team won how did your’s go.
    From Jess

    1. Dear Jess,
      A picnic with the family sounds lovely. It sounds like you had a wonderful time outdoors playing games and having loads of fun. My Mother’s Day was quiet because my mum doesn’t live in Adelaide. Glad to hear you spent quality time with your mum and the rest of your family.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  11. dear mrs baldwin,

    if I could describe my mum in one word it would be

    AMAZING I think my mum is nothing better than amazing

    from adam

  12. Dear Adam, that’s great you think your mum is AMAZING and nothing better than that!
    i also agree my mum is AMAZING and i’m glad you do to.
    From Megan

  13. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    For mother’s day the activity my Mum myself and my Dad loved the idea.
    My Sisters were jealous of the idea.
    From Olivia.

  14. Dear mrs baldwin
    I have a turtle at home his name is Squirtle he is ten times bigger
    than Kevin and much older too.
    My tank is much bigger than Kevin’s.
    My sister’s turtle died last year which was very sad.

    From Charlie Kay

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