Grandparents Day

On Tuesday the 6th of May our school celebrated Grandparents Day.

Throughout the morning we had many grandparents and other people that are special to us visit our classroom. There were lots of smiles in the room as the students proudly shared their work and the grandparents admired the learning that has been achieved this year. It was also great for Mrs. Baldwin to meet some of the grandparents.

The grandparents and other guests were able to have a tour of the school along with enjoying a drink and some biscuits whilst watching some students perform in Lawson’s Hall, including some of the girls from Room 9.

Each student made a Tagxedo to give to their grandparents or special person. The students added words to their Tagxedo that related to their grandparents/special person and then chose a design that suited best. Each student also wrote a thank you note that was written underneath the design.

Today was such an enjoyable day and we hope that every person who visited enjoyed it!


 Tagzedo tagzedo



What did you like most about Grandparents Day?

Why is your grandparent or another family member/friend so special to you?

What did you enjoy most about creating your Tagxedo?


17 thoughts on “Grandparents Day

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    I really enjoyed Grandparents day because Anah,Jess,Gracie, Ella and I got to perform 3 songs in front of lots of Grandparents we also go lots of comments of how well we did and of course I couldn’t forget the biscuits. I also liked showing them around the school afterwards .

    From Anika

    1. Dear Anika,
      I heard your group did a wonderful job performing and I am sure everyone was really impressed with your singing and dancing. Well done to all of you for being brave and performing in front of a big audience.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  2. Dear Mrs B,

    My favorite part about grandparents day was doing the dance in front of everyone. Also, my Nonna and Nonno loved my tagxedo and my little letter I wrote to them.

    I hope you had a good time as well .

    From Anah

    1. Dear Anah,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am very happy your Nonna and Nonno enjoyed the day. Well done on doing a wonderful dance. I had a wonderful time as well thank you.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  3. Dear Mrs B
    my favourite part of grandparents day was getting to spend time with him and he told us
    about how it was in school for him.
    From Josh

    1. Dear Josh,
      I am glad you enjoyed spending time with your grandpa. It would have been very interesting hearing stories about what it was like when he went to school. I am sure you found out that things have changed a lot since our grandparents went to school!
      From Mrs Baldwin

  4. Dear Mrs Baldwin, My favourite parts about Grandparents Day were making the tagxedo and sharing a story. I think that tagxedo’s are very creative.

    From Noah

    1. Dear Noah,
      I agree that tagxedo’s are very creative and a great way to show someone you care for them by choosing kind words to describe someone. It is a program that I am sure we will use again this year!
      From Mrs Baldwin

  5. Dear mrs Baldwin,
    my favourite thing about the tagxdedo was when we got to write
    about our grandparents

    from Adam g

    1. Dear Adam,
      I am glad you enjoyed creating your tagxedo for your grandparents and I am sure they appreciate you making one for them.
      From Mrs Baldwin

    1. Dear Olivia,
      I am glad your grandparents enjoyed the day and your tagxedo. It is something they can keep for a long time.
      From Mrs Baldwin

      1. Dear Miss Baldwin,
        I told my mum and dad that about the games on the blog and they said that it was a good idea.
        I also think it was a good idea to do celebrate grandparents day.
        My old school was one of all schools that didn’t do grandparents day.

        From Olivia

  6. Dear mrs baldwin ,
    i think that the tagxdos are really really cool i even did some at home. All of the work is really good and i will say that I’m impressed .
    From Fate

    1. Dear Fate,

      I am glad you are enjoying the Tagxedos and its great to hear you are making more at home.

      From Mrs Baldwin.

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    What I enjoyed most about in grandparents day was preforming infront of some grandparents with Anah, Anika, Ella and Jess.

    What I enjoyed about making the taxedo was creating the words all though it was very hard.
    From Gracie

    1. Dear Gracie,
      I am glad you enjoyed Grandparents Day. Well done with having the courage to perform in front of all the grandparents. I heard your group did a wonderful job!
      From Mrs Baldwin

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