It’s always nice to come back to school feeling refreshed after a 2 week break. Mrs Baldwin had a refreshing Easter break and enjoyed sleeping in and catching up with family and friends.

As you know, Anzac Day was on the 25th of April. Each year the commemorations and honoring of past and present soldiers continues to grow. Mrs Baldwin visited  Melbourne and went to the Dawn Service at the Shrine of Remembrance which was very special to be a part of. It was estimated that over 60,000 people attended this service in 2014.

One quote from a speaker from the Dawn Service that has stuck with Mrs Baldwin was:

“the soldiers did not go to war to gain something , instead they went to war so we did not lose something – freedom”¬†

Below are some pictures before and after the service, along with the Anzac Day Parade that was held in the city afterwards.

Dawn Service at 6:00am
Dawn Service at 6:00am


Dawn Service at 6:45am
Dawn Service at 6:45am
Anzac Parade
Anzac Parade

Mrs Baldwin also had the chance to go to the AFL game Essendon vs Collingwood. This was a terrific experience and one she will never forget even though her team lost!

Football at the MCG
Football at the MCG

How did you spend your holidays?

What was your favourite thing that you did and why?

Did your family commemorate Anzac Day?

39 thoughts on “Holidays

  1. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    In the holidays I went to Melbourne myself to meet with my family there.
    I stayed there for a week and celebrated Easter there. I enjoyed going to the Botanic garden and Brighton beach . I came back to Adelaide with a few relatives and went to the Anzac parade, to commemorate Anzac day.

    Ilya, Rm 9

    1. Dear Ilya,
      That sounds like a terrific holiday! I am sure you saw lots of different plants at the Botanic Gardens. You might be able to remember some of them for our science topic this term.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  2. Dear Mrs Baldwin,

    In the holidays I went to Barmera. We stayed in a caravan park. We had a great view of Lake Bonney but had no electricity .My next door neighbours were my best friends they were Catlin and Courtney. I played with them everyday. There was a movie night and the movie was called In a Nutshell. I was sad when I had to leave.

    From Anika

    1. Dear Anika,
      It sounds like you had a wonderful time during your holidays. It is always nice to visit a different place with family.
      From Mrs Baldwin

    2. dear Anika
      Sounds like you had a great time on you camping trip.did you have any other friends there beside Catlin and Courtney?
      from Anah

      1. Dear Anah
        No I didn’t have any other friends there, but I went there with Dad ,Deb [Dads girlfriend] and I.

        From Anika

  3. Dear mrs baldwin,i did not do much on Anzac day well one thing i went to my nanny’s house and played”. from Megan

    1. Dear Megan,
      thanks for your comment. It is always good to spend time with grandparents. I hope you had a good time.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  4. dear mrs baldwin, thank you for your reply. i would like to say i also went to a educational thing on a tv show called horrible histories it was great! sadly they were local actors.”
    from Megan

    1. Dear Megan,
      Yes I had heard about the Horrible Histories show and know of some people who went. I am sure it was very entertaining. Did you have a favourite part in the show?
      From Mrs Baldwin

  5. Dear Mrs Baldwin sorry for typing again very fast I forgot to tell you I also went to the botanic gardens and saw so many extraordinary flowers,plants we spotted 2 tortoises,cat fish,birds.”
    from Megan

    1. Dear Megan,
      That’s ok Megan, just make sure you take your time when making a comment. I could imagine that you would have seen a lot of wonderful flowers and plants at the Botanic Gardens. Hopefully you can share with us during our science topic this term about what you saw and learnt.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  6. Dear Mrs Baldwin
    My favourite part of my holiday was the weetbix triathlon because it was fun and I thought I did good and so did my parents.
    From Kayley

    1. Dear Kayley,
      Well done on your achievement in the triathlon. I am sure you tried your best and had loads of fun. Keep up the excellent effort and being active.
      From Mrs Baldwin

    2. Dear Kayley, your holiday sounded great along with the talk in class helped make a bigger photo in my head. What was you best topic of your holidays?”
      From Megan

      1. dear Megan
        my favourite part about the weetbix triathlon was the bike ride because that was when I got in front of a lot of people
        from Kayley

  7. Dear Mrs Baldwin on the holiday I went to Melrose my favourite parts were mountain biking , climbing Mount Remarkable and having fires every night. Who were you barracking for in the Essendon and Collingwood game.
    from Josh

    1. Dear Josh,
      Your holiday sounds wonderful. I could imagine you saw some wonderful view when you climbed Mount Remarkable. Its great to hear you were outside keeping active and discovering new places. Do you know how long it took you to climb Mount Remarkable? I was barracking for Essendon and unfortunately they lost on the day but it was still wonderful.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  8. Dear Mrs Baldwin these are two of the things I did in the holidays. On the first week I went to a zoo and I saw these animals; I saw chimpanzees , zebras, rhinos, lions and giraffe’s and lots of other animals. I also went to a slot car racing place where there were seven huge tracks. We borrowed some cars and raced them. The tracks were hard because of the sharp bends but I got used to it. I had an excellent holiday from Noah

    1. Dear Noah,
      The zoo sounds like lots of fun. Its always great to see different animals that would normally live in different countries around the world. What was your favourite animal? The car racing sounds like fun and I could imagine that the bends would be tricky at times. I’m glad you had a wonderful holiday.
      From Mrs Baldwin

      1. Hi Anika, the slot car racing place was called Thunderbird racing in Pooraka. It was fun and I would recommend it.

        From Noah

  9. Dear Mrs B,

    In the holidays I did the weekbix kids triathlon. We had to swim ride and run. My legs felt like they were got to fall off but I still had lots of fun I got a gold medal with a blue strap.For Easter we went to my Aunty’s house and got lots of chocolate eggs and I also made a little Easter egg hunt for my little cousins. They found all the Easter eggs. Also I went to Monarto Zoo and saw lots of animals like,lions,giraffes and leopards

    my holiday was the best

    From Anah

    1. Dear Anah,
      Wow it sounds like you were very busy in the holidays! Well done for competing in the triathlon, and congratulations for winning a gold medal!
      Easter egg hunts are always fun to do and I am sure your cousins enjoyed the hunt you made for them.
      From Mrs. Baldwin

  10. Dear mrs baldwin, hello is what i would like to say first. I hope you like my comments. Thank you for letting us blog and creating this web site. I enjoy posting comments, playing and exploring on the web site you created.
    From Megan

    1. Dear Megan,
      Thank you for your compliment. I am very happy you are enjoying the class blog. Its a great way to practice your typing and writing skills. Keep up the great work and continue to post thoughtful and interesting comments.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  11. Dear Mrs Baldwin, I have two Dogs and a rabbit and a turtle.
    One dog is black and white and the other is black.
    Their names are Ted and Rose .
    The turtles name is Bubble.
    What pets do you have?
    From Charlie k

    1. Dear Charlie,
      Sounds like you have a busy household with all of your pets! I have a dog who is called Ted (just like yours) and a turtle called Kevin which will be visiting the classroom very soon.
      From Mrs Baldwin

  12. Dear mrs b

    On the holiday I went to my Grandma’s house to celebrate Easter and I also played video games. What did you do to celebrate Easter and did you play video games?

    from Luke

    1. Dear Luke,
      For Easter I stayed at home and relaxed with family. I did not play any video games but if I did it would have probably been a Super Mario game as they are my favourite. What game did you play?
      From Mrs Baldwin

    1. Dear Megan,
      I agree everyone’s comments and holidays sound great!

      The post I wrote explains what I did in the holidays. I did not do any more than going to Melbourne and also relaxing at home and working on fixing things around our house.

      From Mrs Baldwin

  13. Dear Mrs B, hello thanks and also ops i sort of forgot but what did you do on this weekend? i did didnt ask you that did i ?
    From Megan

    1. Dear Megan,
      That’s ok. Last weekend I had family stay with us and we went out for tea. We also spent the weekend pulling down our ceiling tiles in our kitchen ready to then repair and put our new kitchen in. I hope you had a good weekend.
      From Mrs Baldwin.

  14. Dear Mrs Baldwin,
    I have finished my bitstrip comic and I would like you to have a look at it.
    Also if I got bullyed I would say “stop it” but if they still don’t stop I would walk away and tell a adult that I trust or I would stick with a group.
    From Karina

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